Nash Community feedback for the live MVP: Round 1

Dear Community members,

Today marks a major milestone for our company.

I would like to start by thanking the Nash team. The founders recognize their dedication in bringing the minimum viable product (MVP) to life. The five founders did not build this on their own, so please recognize our colleagues, who also deserve praise.

On behalf of the team and founders, I would also like to thank our amazing community. This product is for you, and we hope you enjoy it!

The MVP released today proves that it is indeed possible to build a non-custodial trading platform able to compete with centralized systems in terms of user experience.

We are particularly proud of our cross-chain capabilities and overall product performance. As the founders have previously discussed, we now plan to build upon our MVP – which means more listings, products and broader access.

To help us begin refining the MVP, we would now like to invite the Nash Community to send feedback through this forum. If you participated in our beta feedback rounds, this process will look very familiar. If not – welcome to the Community!

We are making separate threads for each of the Nash services being launched today. This will help keep feedback organized. The exchange will have have two threads: one for the “Pro” and one for the “Basic” interface. Feedback threads will close on 17 September.

Here are the services going live today and links to the associated feedback threads:


Feedback thread

Our wallet generation process and web KYC platform go live today. Mobile KYC for both iOS and Android is now available.


Feedback thread

Our integrated wallet management system for ETH and NEO goes live today.


“Pro” feedback thread

“Basic” feedback thread

Both professional and basic trading interfaces go live today. Initial markets are the same as communicated in Amsterdam, with the exclusion of OMG, NOS and LX for temporary technical reasons. Initially, we will focus on optimizing the following markets (starting Monday): NEO-ETH, NEO-USDC and ETH-USD. Optimization for all other markets will begin during the week if there are no roadblocks.

Ethereum markets

  • 0X-ETH

USDC markets (not available in EU until update)

  • 0X-USDC

NEO markets

  • 0X-NEO


Feedback thread

Fiat ramps in US will go live today. The EU will only go live during the week.


Feedback thread

NEX staking goes live today. Claiming GAS generated by NEO in your personal account will be available soon. ETH staking is TBA after the ETH 2.0 mainnet launches.

To access each of the above services, use the menu in the top left of the screen:


Best wishes to all,


PS: Dark mode will be enabled during the week, as soon some open issues are patched and the theme is applied to related updated UI components.


Congratulations to you and the whole Nash Team and thank you, this MVP is truly incredible. Simple and intuitive! Just scrolled in every menu to see every option, damn it’s so fast. Did the stake so easily, everything is so easy to understand. Really :clap::clap::clap:


Congratulations to us all!! This is what we have been eagerly waiting, “Launch of Nash”. We finally got it and hopefully everyone is happy now. Cheers!!! Thanks @canesin! @ethan @carla and the rest of the team for making this a reality. You guys deserve a break now.


First of all: congrats on the launch! Love it :heart::rocket:

But what happened to the liquidity providers? Almost all order books are empty.

[edit] removed question answered in OP

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EU coming soon. During the week.


Not sure if I’m alone in this, but the mobile site seems to hang on several pages (Staking, Buy/Sell -> Payment methods).

Desktop appears to be smooth sailing everywhere, thought.

On a side note, Fiat onramps in Canada scheduled sometime soon?

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Really awesome job. I cannot yet see the product myself, as I am in California (sidenote: we would all LOVE a way to SEE it, even if we cannot yet USE it) – but I’ve been getting screenshots from friends in states where it has fully launched (and been bugging them for updates on volume, etc.)


I second this. I recently tweeted a similar question:

@nashsocial is there a way to view the exchange/live trading even if trading is not yet authorized in a local jurisdiction?

— Joshua Seagrave (@jseagrave21) September 10, 2019

All looks sweet as of yet with the exception of the max stakes allowed, is this set to change in the near future? Its screwed my strategy and alot of other peoples too as i was unaware of the limit. so i made 4 stakes then realised i needed to divide by 8 not 24.

sorry just realised there is a staking feedback thread

Will I be able to store my fiat on Nash and basically use it like a bank account any time soon? I am not sure if Nash is planning to get a banking license like Revolut or just a middleman without license?

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Banking was a long-term goal on their original white paper. Fingers crossed we get there!


@GuardianCircle @jseagrave21 on
There is a button; View exchange.
Not sure if this button is maybe not displayed in your region .

Constructive feedback for the team:

I’ve been trying to reset my place of residence, and this forces a ticket to be filed with support. It’s been 22 hours since the ticket was filed, and no response. Hopefully customer support speeds up, it’s not the best first impression. The competition gets tickets closed 10x faster than this. Even if you communicate a 24 hour response window, it shouldn’t take the full 24 hours.

They literally just launched which means they probably have piles of support tickets stacked since they just had an influx of people signed up. I would expect going forwards it’ll be faster but this is the busiest it will probably ever be, give them some time.


when will people in japan can use nash exchange.

Several new exchanges have launched recently (eg Beaxy), and they were able to close tickets almost instantly. Completely disagree this will be the busiest it will ever be. It’ll actually be one of the slowest periods ever if Nash is successful. This is a feedback thread, and I’m providing feedback. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to recommend faster support times, regardless the circumstances.

You are so wrong…I created a ticket yesterday and it was №6500 *(6500 tickets within several hours) There are too many tickets now. Let’s wait.

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I just created a new ticket today that was in the 6200s. Your ticket number doesn’t mean anything lol. I’m happy waiting, again - this is a constructive feedback thread. No need to be defensive.

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Account creation, kyc, staking and trading were very smooth

if you do not work for a longer time you log out. You can see the page where you were last, but no info, that you have been logged out. (with a safety warning that you should use the logg out button)

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