Trade / “Pro”: MVP feedback round 1

Use this thread to leave feedback on the “Pro” exchange. Posts relating to other topics will be moved. The thread will close on 17 September.


If I switch to USD it doesn’t update the “total” to USD, that remains in ETH, so it’s as if I sell 10 NEO for 91.8 ETH ($16k+), which is a good deal, but doesn’t reflect the reality…


If I switch to tradingview chart it goes back to standard when I refresh webpage.

when you have insufficient amount percentages goes away. It would be good to always have option to increase your amount. Now you have to delete it manually (in this case 0.00181 ETH) to get back percentage options. Just have them always on.


When new sell orders are added to the order book which are lower than the currently lowest sell order, you have to manually scroll down to see them in the order book. Would be nice if this goes automatically.


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This is a issue about the UI, the scrollbars are not the nicest. It would be better if they were less thick, like the ones shown in the design of the following image.


There are still some pairs missing on the exchange right, Moonlight and nOS for example were included as well on the first list of tokens to be listed?

Probably just a preference that needs to be saved in cookies.

In the markets tab of the Trade section.

When selecting the time period 1M (1 Month) it shows along all the headings “1m” which reads as 1 minute. Please change to capital M.

Same thing occurs for weekly. Please change to capital W to be consistent. Thank you.


When clicking in this trading pair drop down tab. I would expect to be able to just immediately start typing to search for the next pair and hit enter.

Even better would be to just start typing while i’m clicked on the chart so I can quickly flick through pairs.

At the moment it doesn’t take any input until I actually click in the search bar. It’s an extra little click could be removed for a smoother UX.

Also, when typing and searching in markets, if I’m looking for the NEO - GAS market. I’d like to be able to type “neogas” or “neo gas” or “neo - gas” or “neo/gas” or “neo.gas” and all return with the same “NEO - GAS” market. Hit enter to load chart.

Currently, if you search for “neogas” or “neo gas” or “neo.gas” the search result comes up empty.


Both will be making changes to their smart contracts before trading goes ahead on Nash

why my order book and orders area look like this?

You can read it in this topic: Nash Community feedback for the live MVP: Round 1

You are missing all the zero’s. Weird.

I did not know how to describe it. That’s why I did a little GIF. You can see if you put on USD that it takes the USD price as ETH size if you click in the order book.



On the Tade > Markets tab, we see these highlight boxes on top. I expect them to be clickable to go to that specific market, but instead they’re not clickable at all.

Also, it’s not sure at first sight what they are be highlighting. Is it the biggest gainer in $, is it the biggest 24h volume? Those would be cool to add because it drives traffic to said markets, because now they just look like random markets.


The USD toggle isn’t consistent with the Basic <-> Pro toggle logic:

40 48

The USD label should stand on the left side of the toggle, since the Pro/Basic logic indicates that the toggle is leaning towards the activated setting.


Reviewing the depth chart on the NEO - ETH market.


Suggestion to improve the look and feel of the top left corner in the Trade “Pro” screen.