Accounts: MVP feedback round 1

Use this thread to leave feedback on the Nash accounts system. This includes wallet generation, your user profile and the KYC process. Posts relating to other topics will be moved. The thread will close on 17 September.

I have trouble setting up my account. After setting up 2fa (using google authenticator), it keeps rejecting my codes.


awesome, super fast, super easy, innovative, clean, beautiful and decentralized, crazy Nash! let’s put the stack now.


Soooo intuitive, easy on eyes and extremely user friendly… The wait was absolutely worth it. Well done to the whole team who worked tirelessly specially the last few days. Thanks and JUST NASH IT! :smiley:


I’ve done my tier 1 verification but still can’t access trading platform, getting this message: Your current verification level is Tier 1. As a result, your access to some parts of the Nash platform will be restricted.

I did some reading and this article could be of use to you:

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Love the 2fa on generated adresses and the KYC process is the smoothest I have seen. I have seen them all :slight_smile:


I did kyc successfully from a usa state on the list of being ok.

But get error that not all nash services are currently supported in Texas.

I cant trade , stake and limits is also same error. Should I redo the kyc ?

Could you please contact support ? This threads are for UX feedback. We have dedicated professional support at

Yeah, I’m from Canada, looks like only staking is available right now, thanks for the link!

Copying the referral url on mobile safari does not work 100%. See image:

Tier 1 Verification works like a charm - Took me 3 minutes.

I was a bit confused when entering my birthday…i thought I had to swipe 40 years back until I clicked on the year lol

can you have more than 1 email addressed account & use the same kyc? i ask as i set up an account with one email like a year ago, but realised i set up another account a few months ago which has my referals on it. I have activated my first account which has no referals. so can i go ahead and kyc myself for the second account aswell? I have got up to this point with it. It has alerted me that an account with this ip address has already been made.

On multiple accounts/KYC.

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It’s not permitted to create multiple accounts. If you try to do so you will encounter difficulties.


was denied second time round with the same kyc info. have contacted support.

I think reinserting the secret words in perfect order is a small security flaw when creating an account. They should be asked in a random order. Otherwise nothing is stopping from a spyware obtaining the correct order. Ideally you shouldn’t be infected in the first place but why make it easier for the attacker?


If I click Sign in on the homepage I’d expect to see the login form. However, it takes me to the pro trading view and I have to click Sign in again at the top right. Please link the button to the actual sign in form :+1: