Staking: MVP feedback round 1

Use this thread to leave feedback on NEX staking. Posts relating to other topics will be moved. The thread will close on 17 September.


I have no access to the staking page. It keeps loading and nothing is happening. Also my funds aren’t showing.

Some people are reporting that they are not able to stake more than 8 different stakes.
Is this issue known ?


Hello @canesin , I am very excited as everyone here, I really would like to increase the limit of stakes in the personal account, I did not know that the limit was only 8, in fact they do not notice it anywhere. I want to do staking 24 times and I think many want more than 8 stakes, I hope this is to improve, and in advance I congratulate the entire nash team for giving us the opportunity to create a new economy. :nash_token:


Not a biggie, but the slider doesn’t line up with the number underneath it. My OCD rages. :slight_smile:


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I am in Texas , USA

So I did the kyc with android app and it well. But I cannot access the staking or limits page. Actually nor the trading page,

Eager to Steak !!


According to this you can create hundreds or thousands of stakes, so I don’t understand why there is a limit of 8. A lot of people plan to make dozens of different stakes, hopefully the team will fix this soon.


I think the limit is temporary to accomodate huge number of requests in the first few days. The team can confirm

I hope it is the case that it is temporary.

I was trying the 24 month staking strategy, and hit a wall after the 8th stake.

The spot where you click to create a new stake will say “We currently limit each user to eight active stakes”.

I wish I found some kind of information about this somewhere, as now 2/3rds of my NEX can’t be staked at the highest tiers.

Any kind of information on the page, even if this is temporary, to warn people so they don’t get locked out of the majority of their NEX staking as I was.


I also wanted to create 24 stakes. But now I were only able to create 8 stakes and I am not able to stake the majority of my tokens.
This is pretty bad because there were no information about that. The help page tells us we can create multiple stakes there is no word we are only able to do 8.
Please nash change this limit to 24 stakes minimum!


Haven’t been active here for a while, but regarding staking…is it already clear if dividends are paid weekly or monthly. And please do not answer monthly without considering the prospekt, ( which states it’s done weekly. If this is actually weekly then the staking strategy/compounding is different and 8 and also 24 is obviously way to little.

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On My account it is showing that im clearly staking but when i go into staking tab it says it is unavailable and i am restricted from the staking service as well as the trading service.!

I also would like to stake 24 times.


the 24 months staking strategy is well known well discussed and its very disapointing the 8 limit just shows up out of no where. there is no reference to anything to let users know upfront and the team is well aware of the discussion. I cant stake 66% of my planned tokens because of not knowing this limit. please remove the limit as it doesnt match any of previous/current communication.


The payouts are daily. This is stated in the “Learn about staking” window.


Thanks, that is what i just learned before reading your comment. This is not what i expected and thus the limit of 8 is even a less suited limit.
Why and when was announced that the payouts are changed from weekly/monthly to daily?

Please contact the Support team - it helps us more to have tickets recorded in Support over a thread within the Community.

I do not find the answer satisfactory. Should we ask all support now why we can not make 24 stakes? :thinking:

@fischdenflo I was responding to @oncdoc

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