Trade / “Basic”: MVP feedback round 1

Use this thread to leave feedback on the “Basic” exchange. Posts relating to other topics will be moved. The thread will close on 17 September.

  1. Noticed what appears to be a graphical error at the bottom of the basic exchange box.

  1. When searching for a digital asset, if there is only one asset left showing on the screen then I would expect to be able to hit enter and it be selected. This is not currently the case. I need to switch to my mouse to select it manually.

  1. In the Market tab of the Trade section I’d like to be able to click on the volume column and have it filter all markets in order of Highest Volume -> Lowest Volume or vice versa.

At the moment, clicking on this volume column does reorder the list of markets but the result doesn’t make sense. It is not ordering this column properly. See highlighted example of USDC below.

  1. In the screenshot above. All other columns have the USD price next to their native values. The volume column is missing this USD value. Please add for consistency and easy volume comparison between different markets.

  2. I have only GAS loaded in my wallet. When clicking “I want to trade”, it currently shows me a list of assets to select from. Shouldn’t this only show me options for the assets that I currently own? If I only have 1 type of asset, can’t it default to that asset? Or default to the largest holding asset.

Also, when I tick the “hide small balances” button it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t hide any of the assets that I don’t have. See screenshot.

  1. When trading GAS for either ETH / NEO or USDC. For both ETH and NEO once I’ve selected my amount of GAS to trade, it will suggest the estimated value to be received. When trading GAS for USDC it fails to suggest a estimated value and it just sits blank and asks me to set a price in GAS for the trade.

I liked the most:
A quick way to swap between two tokens

This feature I had difficulties using:
Setting a price. When for example you want to trade ETH for NEO, then you can set the price in ETH. First thing I thought was: The higher the price in ETH, the more NEO I can get for it, but it works of course in the opposite. Maybe it is just me, but I find that more clear in Pro view because you see more data.