What is Nash's "Why"?

Looking through the nash.io homepage it’s clear for both personal and business users “what” Nash is offering however it isn’t really clear “why” anyone should choose Nash. As Simon Sinek explains it’s much better to start with the why as it effects how a user feels about a product and improves the probability of them becoming a customer.

For instance “Think different” informs users about why Apple builds it’s products and user’s buy-in to that why because they feel that they are/become rebellious, unique outside of the box, non-status quo thinkers.

Some of the what included on Nash’s homepage includes;

Safe : The safest solution for high-volume trading. Nash is the only non-custodial cross-chain exchange to support liquid markets and decentralised API keys.

Easy : The easiest way to accept cryptocurrency… We handle the blockchain for free.

Compliant : Nash leads the industry in compliance. Nash has worked with regulators since 2017 to ensure we are fully compliant and legally secure. We’ve broken new ground in the industry by issuing the world’s first public digital security

Fast : secure, high-speed trading with no counterparty risk

Nash’s mission and Fabio’s comments in previous posts seem to kind of point to the “Why” without explicitly expressing it…

As I mentioned in a previous post having a meme/mental model that can be easily expressed and understood is really important;

Self-custody / non-custodial is an excellent starting point and is core to Nash’s brand however the push-back in regards to KYC from the more hardcore crypto crowd is significant, users seem to like the idea of remaining outside the law. Relying on regulators to eliminate the competition isn’t a viable strategy (although it might happen).

In short why should someone use Nash instead of the alternatives, is it because Nash is on a mission to bring decentralised finance to everyone so they can achieve financial freedom regardless of their beliefs ?

No wrong answers here, I’m just looking to see what the community thinks.


In my opinion, there’s a strong Why that is felt by the entire community. I see no other reason why it would have grown despite the token price not increasing. Sure, the fact that every staker becomes a Nash ambassador helps. Sure, the fact that Nash puts its community at the center of its ambitions helps too. But we wouldn’t be here if Nash didn’t pursue a vision we truly adhere to. This vision has at its core the values that started crypto in the first place: financial freedom (being non-custodial is the root of it) and its corollary: a world financially more fair, where the powerful abide by the same rules as everyone else. How many scandals have we heard of celebrities, politicians or companies caught red-handed doing just the opposite?
Today, such a world still feels impossible but we collectively believe blockchain can - if not completely solve it - at least improve the situation. And we see Nash as a vector and catalyst to achieve it. A bridge between today’s world - centralized and favoring the richest - and more powered by crypto. The most extreme crypto advocates think this new world can only be built on pure decentralization, by ignoring all forms of authority. Nash chose the way of compliance because it believes there’s a more constructive way forward.
Some of us probably feel this strongly, others less so or simply that Nash products will prevail by being both cutting-edge and fair. Some are surely only here for the great gains Nash might bring if it fulfills its potential. But Nash definitely has a strong community and I think we can all get behind the #TrustYourselves message proposed by Nash for now. Maybe @CypherInvestor you feel a less implicit message would send a stronger signal?


Yes as the “why” is a bit implicit I’m wondering what the community thinks.
Would you say that “Financial freedom and fairness” summarises your idea of Why?

Nash’s ability to be provably fair aligns well with Don’t trust verify however to really level the playing field Nash would need to dis-intermediate global crypto, forex, stock, commodity and futures markets, at which point the meme could become “Be your own Broker”, although for that to happen Nash or a third party will first need to migrate those things on to the blockchain.

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I was thinking about the “HOW” of Nash. How is nash going to achieve financial freedom for their users. First of all as you said the platform is non custodial. I was thinking about Nash pay. How does a payment system bring financial freedom?

I believe the real financial freedom in a payment system is that you can pay with valuta or asset you want and the collector can also choose the asset or valuta he wants. You can pay with dollar, euro, yen, with digital assets with security tokens, with gaming tokens. It will all be connected. And this is a good thing for the people. There will be a lot of competition and the best “money” will be used the most.

It will be more like trading goods people did a couple of centuries ago. I buy what I want with the asset/valuta I want. You get the asset/valuta you want. Now that’s freedom in a payment system!

Nash is already on the way to fulfill this vision. That makes me very bullish on the project! But I hope they can market this with the right vision. That will bring a lot of users to the platform. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it!” Maybe they can use the theory of Simon Sinek, the golden circle. And als the book of Jan Rijkenberg “Concepting” is very interesting.


Ethical Financial Freedom


Self custody and revenue sharing
I wish Apple did the same haha ^^

P.S. i love this video btw :slight_smile:


I think it depends on the sector of the market you are targeting. As you are targeting small retail and big money institutionals alike, I think therein lies the real challenge. Retail investors want simplicity, choice, comfort and security. I put security last, because they all know it’s vital but many of them unfortunately don’t care too much how it is achieved, or perceived to be achieved. They will believe the sales slogans. Unless something major happens of course. And they will go for the best marketing with the best selection of coins and financial products. So Nash will not only have to have a better technical backbone, which it already does, but it will have to offer a better user experience, with all the bells and whistles of a Binance. Why Nash as an investor? Well that’s clear. Non custodial, the matching engine, the revenue sharing, security. An amazing platform to build on. Also the compliance is a massive bonus that will pay off tremendously. Why as an average user? We still need to get there and we will, and when we do it’ll be truly special.




  • Layer 2 state-channels
  • Off-chain matching engine
  • MPC key management
  • Compliance


  • Fairness
  • Inclusion
  • Financial Freedom



another Why: *Self Sovereignty (i.e. your keys your funds, in a direct sense no external party to worry about, i.e. Trustless-ness)

Yeah, all true, although I’m thinking we have seen recently with the boom in Defi etc that the following will not be enough to draw the bulk of the normal retail investors:
“For most It is a simple non-custodial wallet with easy trading for you to hold you assets - both on mobile and web - with security on many chains at once. For traders is a low latency exchange to trade crypto/crypto with no third-party risk.”
I believe we’re gonna have to offer a whole range of products - margin, futures, lending, even stocks - to draw the masses away from a Binance for instance. I’m not saying this won’t happen, I don’t know what the team has in the pipeline, but as to the ‘why’ for newcomers and normal retail investors I don’t think we’re quite there yet. The game has changed entirely since 2018. This is a simple observation as a fairly normal bloke myself. So forgive me if I’m missing something. Obviously your points are all super valid, and the clever investor will understand the benefits and see the future potential.

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Cross posting for anyone who missed it from the sell me Nash again thread.


It’s great to hear from you @Mautorious - thanks for posting! We appreciate your contribution. :nash_n:

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i disagree on some points … (freedom) the serfs will remain … let them .

this product could be useful with compliance and increasing efficiency in traditional markets

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-We believe financial independence is a birth right.
-We believe this should be available for everyone
-We believe no one should be able to control your funds, except you
-We believe you should be able to benefit from your financial wealth
-We believe you should be able to trade/hold/stake your money whenever you want to in whatever you want



Credit to @Mautorious for posting the link to Fabio’s Twitter thread here.

Nash, the non-bank, non-broker, non-custodian, non-exchange, non-payments-network of the future.


Get back your financial freedom :loud_sound: