Sell me Nash again

Here I invite the community and company to sell us their product again. It is easy to go through the Nash Faq and find out about Nash but most people wont. Sell me it again here in a few short lines. I think people forget what Nash has achieved and what is to come. It will be interesting to hear peoples responses.

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Your keys, Your coins.
The lightning network for all chains.
Be your own bank & broker.
Fastest order placement and funds settlement of any platform or asset class.
World’s only crypto security that offers REVENUE share!
Ethical Financial Freedom through transparency.


Love it. You see when you put it like that it all makes sense.
Anyone else want to have a go?.

Nash is a digital finance platform for everyone.

For most It is a simple non-custodial wallet with easy trading for you to hold you assets - both on mobile and web - with security on many chains at once.

For traders is a low latency exchange to trade crypto/crypto with no third-party risk.

For business it is a API ecosystem to build decentralized exchanges, brokers or wallets without having to create all the infrastructure and maintain the markets.


Yeah I’ll join the fun, this community is awesome!

IMO…Nash is a very transparent company, hence when nash is successful, you are successful. This reminds me of what bitcoin did in 2008 where now all of a sudden there is another option other than fiat. Nash has done the same for the people, decentralizing crypto even further by allowing you to claim your share of the fee and not just one centralized enterprise (Kucoin, binance, etc). And of course the vision of all in one non-custodial crypto platform with industry leading security.


This is fantastic everyone. Keep them coming. Perhaps we can add also what Nash is to you the user and individual.

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Nash is a statement that freedom works and financial freedom can happen today.

Non-custodial is not just a fancy word, it can mean being able to give your family and yourself a life with dignity without depending on the benevolence of others - or needing to be too small to not be noticed by a powerful adversary.

Holding with self-custody is not just a technical advantage, it is freedom to move anywhere and be everywhere without attachments - what is yours is actually yours, no one can take it from you. Your bank or Coinbase account doesn’t go with you when you move, and while it might not have hit you yet: savings are a not fundamental right in most constitutions and governments know that.

Trading with self-custody is not just a compliance advantage, it means that you are not at the mercy of the intermediary to honor it - for any reason that might be.

Building on a non-custodial platform is not only following the trend, means that now your clients and can hold and trade with self-custody and your business can also become a statement that freedom works.


I join this fight :handshake:

I would love to know what is Nash to you? If you could, please share.
Thank you :handshake:

I’d probably tell my friends:

Nash is an exchange but its unlike many others in that in no part of the trading process do you let others take full control of your crypto. This means you can trust it as much as you trust the blockchain. It does this without sacrificing the performance, features and ease of use you’d expect from a normal exchange.

It’s a great step towards enabling an alternative to the current monetary system and opens a gateway into crypto investments if you want to get in on them SiCk GaInZ.

The team delivering the exchange also has great work ethic, attitude and principles and I think the exchange will be an integral part of a new ecosystem of products that only gets better over time.

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