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We’re going to need the tools (a guide) to sell Nash, something like;
What is Nash? - Nash is a L2 exchange that enables self-custody, high-speed fair trading. It’s also a payments network, also an asset management platform (I’m not sure what the best way to explain Nash to a new user I’m refering at this point so it’d be good to have a guide to reference )

Why Nash does what it does. (financial freedom, open & free platform) the what and why are very important.

Social media users are lazy and won’t read the blog and long posts like this one, we need simple meme’s/catchphrases to sell Nash like;
"Nash is the lightning network for all chains"
Andreas’s analogy of the lion and the shark when talking about comparing ETH & BTC is a great example it’s simple and easy to understand.
Nash represents an Idea (financial freedom) but there are multiple aspects of Nash that enable that idea (provably fair off chain matching engine, state channels for trading and payments, revenue share for stakers), having simple ideas/memes/catchphrases will make it easier for the community to promote on social media.

L2 exchange with off-chain matching is Nash’s main USP
Nash removes the high fee issue for all networks but is faced with the challenge of getting funds onto L2, meanwhile most users can’t understand what Nash being an L2 exchange really means… having promo material that states something like;
"Nash is a L2 exchange and here are the reasons why that’s better than wrapped tokens, L1 and atomic swaps" would come in handy.

Promoting Nash in the past has had it’s challenges with complaints about KYC etc. having some simple resources to refer to when we start promoting again would be great.


Most of the info you are asking for to sell Nash is covered here. Perhaps this can just be updated to add additional points or clarifications then you have one link you can send to anyone who wants more info.

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The way I do it with my friends is probably not the same you should do it with yours. The long explanation on what is Nash for a real investor is not too long of a read, actually is too short.

The short way for me to explain Nash is:
My vision for crypto was that what is old (regulations) will integrate with the innovations, and will create a super hybrid that will benefit everyone. This is why nash will succeed, because Nash doesn’t ignore the big daddy, and it makes sense to do so for a long lasting success. Not like the Wild West scenario, with no control or no KYC.
In the future people that are yet to join crypto, will be afraid to invest in a company that doesn’t do KYC. The present is wild, and unsustainable for majority of projects that I know :handshake:
Soon KYC combined with some decentralization will be the selling point :wink:

Yeah, the FAQ is a reasonable resource, what I was trying to get at is something more like a press kit;
here are the 6 most common questions from people hearing about Nash for the first time:

  1. why KYC?
  2. what is L2 and why does it matter?
  3. etc…

And here are the answers to those questions (including them in the FAQ is fine):

  1. no KYC required below $1k daily volume (+ anti money laundering laws )
  2. L2 is like the lightning network but on Nash we have L2 state channels for all (supported) chains

Along with some graphics that clearly explain Nash’s mission/vision/ethos/goals/USP/platform etc…

Most people will be too lazy to read through the FAQ, having some basic graphics outlining the above for the community to use similar to a press kit will come in handy.

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