Orion protocol self-custody + liquidity

Built on Elrond and they offer self-custody, might be serious competition for Nash…?
They did a DYCO (dynamic coin offering) which will return participants funds (up to 80%) if the project fails…

@canesin can you give your opinion on it ?

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They aren’t a suit of products like Nash, but a protocol, aiming to have exchanges built upon it.

Nothing indicates it will be any different from “regular” (i.e not Nash) DEX’s, encountering regular DEX’s limitations.

They are not built upon Elrond. As I understand it, they are partnered to be ready to trade upcoming Elrond-based tokens.

I have no idea if Elrond’s capabilities could prevent the above-mentioned limitations, but if ever that was the case:

  • you could not trade most tokens with that performance, unless you created elrond-wrapped BTC, elrond-wrapped ETH, elrond-wrapped NEO, etc.
  • Nash’s state channel architecture could also play extremely well with Elrond and with Fabio and Ethan being advisors, I’m pretty confident they would have anticipated this. For instance, Elrond should trade on Nash shortly after their switch to mainnet.

Take my words with caution, as I am not a blockchain engineer. I could be mistaken. This is my honest analysis of the current situation. Also, keep it mind that Orion Protocol’s token is up x24 from private sale.


My guess is their architecture won’t be able to compete with Nash in terms of speed, the only advantage I see over Nash is the instant liquidity/market depth since they’re pooling order-books from all the CEX’s. Their whitepaper is full of grammatical errors which makes them look less legitimate.

I aint seen a team like the one we have on NASH…

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True, Nash has one of the best engineering teams around.

However as marketing hasn’t started yet it’s not clear if there’s a Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, CZ, Justin Sun, Brian Armstrong, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Arthur Hayes, Jack Dorsey, Jason Fried or Bill Gates on the team.

Someone who’s face of the company, has strong management skills and can build hype around the product.

When the time comes for a huge marketing push there needs to be a face of the company as well as a meme / mental model with which they sell Nash. Something like;
"Nash. Your Keys, Your Coins"
"NashCash. The Lightning Network for all chains"
"Nash. Trade execution, settlement and delivery faster than any platform on the planet"

I’m hopeful this person is on the team and they’ve put some thought into which meme/mental model is best for selling the product, we’ll know soon enough…
GA is coming.