Remember this about Nash more than anything!

Nash gives you the CHOICE to take your financial freedom back. Non-custodial is not just a fancy word, it can mean being able to give your family and yourself a life with dignity without depending on the benevolence of others - or needing to be too small to not be noticed by a powerful adversary :handshake:

Hi Radu,

I remember reading somewhere that you live in the states, right? Can’t remember what state though.

You seem to be very passionate about non-custody and financial freedom: that surprises me a bit, seeing how the US haven’t been an authoritarian regime in a long time. Did you go through any traumatic event - maybe the mortgage subprimes crisis - or personal experience to have such strong convictions?

Don’t get me wrong, I share the vision, but I don’t feel it as vividly (In my case, France has been a good country to grow up in: virtually no corruption, relative financial stability, etc.)

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Hello, I am 31 and I have lived in the states only for last 7 years. Originally I am from Republic of Moldova :moldova:
There I didn’t dared to dream.
At this point I have 2 kids and I also have plans of going back to my country, and will try to make a difference.
I would love to enjoy the fruits of decentralized world, educate myself so I can educate others. Also having access to decentralized finance will give me so much more hope that I will be able to take care of people I love and people that needs it the most.
Big plans for the future, and Nash can really help a lot. I will just do my best to help Nash succeed, and be a part of the change that my Country needs so much.
Before coming to USA, i was so programmed that life is hard and rich people are bad people ( because of the centralized power and bribes that are all over in order to do something)
Nash is the future, light and hope for a fair fight.
Just my wife supports my judgment of believing fully in Nash, and no diversification. I just feel with all my heart that Nash will succeed.
Fabio is my light that I support, and people with the same values.
Hopefully I am clear, still learning on how to express myself. Learned a lot in Nash Community.
Thank you all :handshake: