What next product development you would like the most?

Would love to earn interests on saving. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of investors out there who owns cryptocurrencies they actually just “hold”. Holding those in a non-custodial way is amazing.
Would love to move my money from binance savings to nash savings!


Futures n options plz…Tired of using exchanges lik bitmex n Binance…FTX is good but not great…Easily will bring Tons of volumes…Which is what we need ryt now…There is no DEX wit futures…So just makes us Stand out

N By adding volumes …People will see stake rewards …Which will have ripple effect on price…Also finally people will know what actually is Defi

Fair enough Fabio. Would improve henceforth.


Liquidity for me, right now I feel people will only start using Nash once liquidity is consistent. Once that is achieved and the dividends start rolling out we will see a rush for the token also. Rinse and repeat full circle then we will have a committed user base.


Futures n options plz…Tired of using exchanges lik bitmex n Binance…FTX is good but not great…Easily will bring Tons of volumes…Which is what we need ryt now…There is no DEX wit futures…So just makes us Stand out

N By adding volumes …People will see stake rewards …Which will have ripple effect on price…Also finally people will know what actually is Defi


Why waste time on such complex development when new pairs & listings can increase your volume 10 fold?! If listing new coins is so difficult to do than this isnt good for us. Listing 1 new coin every next quarter isnt gonna do it tbh.


It’s all about available liquidity basically ( we don’t have atm ) and the fact that we do have many altcoins that no one trades already so listings will not improve anything.

However next coins to be listed are LTC & BCH ( forks of bitcoin easily added )

Elrond also if all goes well with the rosetta bridge

Nash being non custodial needs to develop software for every chain added if it supports smart contracts and even more software development if the chain doesn’t support smart contracts.

So chains like XRP , ADA etc are just too much work for not so much volume.

EOS is what it is usability wise

Nash will not be listing bitcoin sv or Tron i guess or Qtum, Binance chain, ETC, etc

So as you can see on this image listings are not an issue atm, liquidity is and volume on existing markets ^^

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I’m excited about the addition of Elrond (ERD) and the trial of the Rosetta Bridge as it should make adding projects following ERD faster - hopefully much faster… as there are many projects I want to see on Nash!

Speaking of which… would love to trade (EWT) - Energy Web Token on Nash!


BTC & BCH have a 24 hour volume of ~3B.

XRP is at 2 billion. So what you’re saying completely contradicts the volume as they’re very close. Cardano has been around a lot less longer than all the other coins in the top 20 and is growing quote rapidly. I would like to say that I don’t hold Cardano, XRP or any other coins besides NEX & BTC.

You shouldn’t discredit adding any of those coins as they’re gateways for users to join the platform and use it to trade not only those coins, but others. At the end of the day you really shouldn’t make comments that state that ‘these coins will not be added’, because as a large holder of NEX it makes me aware that NEX’s vision ultimately doesn’t align with smart business practices & decision making.


I think your membership in the community has no future. I have now read through all of your posts. There are not many because you have only been there since May. You have never said anything positive about nash. It comes from you only criticism and I seriously wonder what you expect here. Don’t you think it’s enough if you say once that Nash has no future for you!


Thanks for the check @fischdenflo, I reviewed the content and you are right.
Banned and removed some toxicity and edited other the posts.


Keep up the good work guys

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Hey guys - love the project and have been following for years, also invested in the NEX token.

Since I’m an investor I’m looking for those returns and since that’s based on volume naturally my thoughts are in the direction of increasing volume. Of the options presented, my thoughts are probably towards liquidity mining or trading competitions.

I often buy various cryptos and find myself going to exchanges like Binance where spreads are lower due to high volume. I think generating that volume for Nash is really important as it makes Nash a more attractive exchange. I think progress on the tech is really impressive, but as a user, stuff like execution speeds are currently lower priority selling points to maximising liquidity and volume.

I think the job done so far is great and keep up the great work. I’ve never had faith in a crypto project for as long as this one, primarily due to the Nash’s attitude and principles.


I feel the same way :handshake:

In my opinion Nash has has to focus on it’s mission to bring “financial freedom” to everyone. I think liquidity mining and options trading can be good for platform growth and generate liquidity, but it doesn’t really help the people who are not “financial free”.

Fabio on Twitter

“People is still not free, you don’t need to explain why Bitcoin for a latino, african or asian. Just what Bitcoin is: a stable Real plan, digital, it can’t be seized with the stroke of a pen.“

“My generation on latin america, africa and asia learned a few things well: opportunity and capital are scarce. Use it wisely. Nash works hard to bring financial freedom to everyone, as in: sound money policy, investment opportunities and access to capital, everywhere.”

I believe it’s the passion to achieve a mission that leads to innovation. If our activities are off -focus, we will always be one step behind and end up doing what other companies are doing. It’s Uniswap their mission to provide liquidity on Ethereum…

For me personally (I’m from the Netherlands) I’m “financial free” when I can deposit and spend my euro’s, digital assets and other assets in a non custodial way. To protect me against inflation, recessions and other external factors it would be useful to to generate a fair amount of interest on my savings. This year banks in The Netherlands introduced negative interest rates…

Ask yourself the question: when are you financial free?

I believe if we can build all outcomes of the community members in one platform, than we are innovative and unique! Liquidity will come naturally and be a result of this approach.


Liquidity mining wins, but I still don’t agree with that path for Nash. This is FOMO hype moon boi answer.

Liquidity mining today doesn’t require sign ins, passwords, etc and encourages people to HOLD in a smart contract. Why would I create a Nash account to add to a liquidity pool when there are tons of options already via wallet dapp? Nash needs people using the exchange, not testing smart contracts and flavors of the month.

Options trading is still the best option IMO because it’s unique, it’s all the rage with non-crypto traders (so it will be familiar to them entering the world of crpyto), and its ME volume.

I think all three of these over time makes perfect sense, but liquidity mining will be easier to add once the people already have funds in the trading contract.


I found it very difficult to decide between “interest on savings” and “liquidity mining” for two reasons, yield & convenience.

The former is convenient in that you can set & forget, but inconvenient if there’s no way to access locked funds before they reach maturity. I’m assuming the returns would be lower than what you’d see with liquidity mining.

The latter provides one with something interesting to do, almost as a small hobby of sorts. It also empowers the community that they can help to provide liquidity to Nash, which judging by this poll I’m sure many would like to do. It’s less convenient, but would the returns be worth it compared to the set & forget savings feature? I picked liquidity mining, but between the two I’m still not certain which is the better long-term choice.

Options looks like a fun thing to mess around with, but it doesn’t provide “the greatest usefulness for myself”, not by a long shot; maybe for others who’ve yet to sign up. Wouldn’t options be better with more listings anyway, whereas having 5 listings or 500 listings makes little difference if a user only has X funds to work with?


Long term both options will probably be available though

Look like you’re correct about options trading being all the rage with traders from legacy markets.