Our community values and strategy

Hi everyone!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time and apologize that it’s taken until now. But the day-to-day of a startup can move priorities quite fast. So, forgive me for putting other Nash tasks ahead of addressing improvements to the community – you deserved this earlier.

Starting a community is easy, maintaining it is hard and growing it is painful. In a very recent survey I asked for our community members’ motivation in joining it – and I have to say I am extremely happy to see that a definite majority are here because they share Nash’s vision of financial freedom and are here to help build the platform to achieve that.

I talk a lot about community – but what is that? Our community is as truthful to the community ethos as it can be: we are a group of people that share a vision, organize around common values and work together on specific products to achieve goals.

I will now try to get into the nuts and bolts of what we’re doing to make Nash the case study for community-powered projects for centuries to come.


This is not an usual crypto project seeking to implement a predefined whitepaper and achieve a target ROI so founders and investors can exit, letting the next set of holders figure out what to do with it. Nash has a vision and values, it is on a mission to bring decentralized finance to everyone. We seek long term profit to create a long lasting independent platform that will outlive us.

Each one of us have their personal motivations, but we are all committed. I hope this is the last time I see discussion of Nash being “close to running out of money”. We are not. If we raise capital it will be to grow products and services. The leadership team is prepared to work at reduced or no pay for some time – we are ready to go full cockroach to survive any nuclear war. Nash only dies when the community dies, when the vision has no support anymore. The economics of the NEX token represent a clear, direct, method for anyone to participate.


The Nash community is flat! No one here is better than anyone else. No one holds a higher position. The way I see myself is almost as a servant to this cause. I try to do my absolute best to act in ways that bring dividends in the long term. As our belief is that this space is in its infancy, biggest dapps have at peak less than a handful thousand active users, contrasting that with the hundreds of millions from web projects there is still a lot to be done. Sometimes I make mistakes when moderating channels, and you can send me a direct message if I do. You have this tool here.

We need a structure people can access with the fewest jumps possible so information gets faster and cleaner to someone who can act on it. Someone – it doesn’t need to be someone in the Nash team. We hope our community can flourish with the individual drive of each community member, and it’s part of our strategy to support you to build more and better.

So, the structure is a radial one, where the core team that has access to work on the products directly is in contact with a few official channels, and around us are Ambassadors who, like the name suggests, represent Nash abroad, on channels where we don’t have a company presence, whether physical or online. Becoming an Ambassador is not a gift given to people who did. It is a responsibility taken by people who want to do. I hope that from now on the community sees the team and the Ambassadors as avenues to transmit product feedback and business opportunities that will help us realize our mission, and feel empowered to seek these out and build more.

Here’s how some think our community works:

Here’s how it actually works:

The Nash team is not naive.We know that: “the best way to have people doing something good is to make it profitable even for the wrong person to do the right thing”

So, we crafted the NEX token incentives with care, if you are a staker and don’t care for our mission and values - you still are incentivized to make Nash a success. There is an amazing affiliate program in the oven almost ready for the public. That will once again create incentives for people to build on top of a non-custodial platform. Regardless of their beliefs.


Nash has so far tried to establish and maintain only a few official communication channels, this forum and our Twitter currently being the main ones. A few good friends have maintained others, most well known being the Nash Community telegram channel. However, our capacity there needs help to grow, so our team will be establishing an official telegram channel for Nash with team staff and team supported tooling. We will make an announcement soon, together with original owners.

We are approaching things strategically, with a method, and are absolutely passionate about it. Failure is not an option for us, and should not be in the vocabulary of our community – we build and we improve. There is no space here for negativity. We love critical thinking if it adds something – and we collect feedback and interview frequently. Before the current state of the world, we traveled and met our community many times because we like to think that we are part of it.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD)

We have seen recently that there are FUD campaigns bubbling. The reason for each is hard to know. Sometimes it is just someone doing it professionally, sometimes it is someone who has decided they will receive no return with Nash and now just wants to offload their negativity to hurt others, sometimes it is just someone who thinks if they manage to damage someone else their other favorite project will be better-off, as if we were fighting for scraps. News for you: if your other favorite project is failing, it has nothing to do with us. If their market is not filled by Nash, it will be by someone else.

It is due to our absolute respect for the community that we will ban, block and suppress anyone that goes down this route. FUD only damages you. It makes our mission harder. It brings no value and only takes. As some of our members might come from less chaotic communities – the crypto space is full of surprises.

In the team there are a dozen founders, with decades of experience in crypto communities, and we consult with some of the best business leaders in the world. We are prepared to make a stand and defend our vision together with our community. So I promise you there will be no space for people like this in our community. We all need to be vigilant. Our community needs to remove the voices of those who want to damage us.

How to help?

Build. Every day we are making more tools available for everyone to build more and more easily. That is what will make Nash unstoppable. Don’t know how to build? No problem, tell our story to others! You can be a powerful voice for good on social networks if you teach and spread all the good we are doing, all the unique selling propositions (USPs) of our project. Give our website a slow read. For each service, we enumerate its qualities, and our blog also has lots of information. This post is a great FAQ.

But hey! The community gets stronger when it acts together, so with every new release, every new blog post – share it in your channels. If you’re sharing it on Twitter, use one of these three hashtags: $NEX, #Nash and #TrustYourselves. You can always tag @nashsocial as well when that makes sense. Do not go crazy on other tags – that will dilute momentum.

We have amazing professionals in our team that are on top of what they are doing. We follow methods and take seriously anything we do. We will also empower you to make some noise, though it is not time yet for Nash to scream. While that might be hard to understand, we are looking at our product every day and seeing how users interact with it to finally achieve our goal.

But you, individually, are a different story. You can reach the crypto native community or your inner circle of friends and find people who want to join our community – people who share a vision, organize around common values and work together on specific products to achieve goals (remember?) – and just by growing the community you will be doing a lot.

Thank you all very much for all the support and for joining us on this journey. It is far from easy and it has just started.


From start till the end I am supporting Nash cause I believe in the road which you have chosen. Thanks for this thoughtful post it reflects meaningful values for everyone can check their personal compas and alignment with all beeing pointed out here.


Taking time to write this post solidifies our common goal. Like you said even the most popular Dapps have few thousand users. We are here for much bigger dreams and aspirations.

I know we will go places. In the meantime keep building and we will keep supporting!


I was always a fan of nash and will remain that way…
I have met a lot of fudders and each has their own motivation “to buy back at lower price, have investments in a different exchange and jealous seeing nash has higher price etc.”

“We have seen recently that there are FUD campaigns bubbling.” - If i can guess the context, i can guarantee this is not true. Fudders have no base with “Nash as a security token” and being this transparent to community. Feelings from 2-3 individuals will be just theirs and will no way impact the whole community.

If i could make one suggestion for official channel, please give a warning before banning someone… sometimes it may be some misunderstanding and taking messages in a wrong context too.

Thanks for the detailed post!


:sweat_smile: I don’t know if the translation will be good but :

When lie takes the elevator, the truth takes the stairs, it takes more time but it always ends up arriving !

Quand le mensonge prend l’ascenseur, la vérité prend l’escalier. Même si elle met plus de temps, la vérité finit toujours par arriver !


We are taking a rocket - I will write another post about everything we are doing and its relationship with other components.


We thank you Fabio&team for your effort, and for your integrity and tranparence! I think we all (The community) feel like we are part of the Project and we will do our best to promote it and help our friends to benefit by nash products. May God bless you and help you guys accomplish all things you have in mind.


Thx good to see the nash telegram gets official monitoring, it was gooing down fast the last weeks, the price channel is a fireplace off fud it should be removed soon ive possible.

Brilliant. There’s really isn’t much more that needs saying there. A call to charge from the front. I am in.


We are on track since day one. And everyone knew that the way, nash want to go, will be a difficult one. But today i see a very promising exchange with a lot of community-enthusiasts.



tu sous entends que le mensonge arrive avant la vérité mais que la vérité biffle le mensonge :joy:


This was a very needed and refreshing read from you Fabio.
We need that unifying voice of reason.
I think many people will find peace with this post.

If the journey isn’t challenging, the destination won´t be rewarding


C’est exactement ça ! les fuders se feront bifler :rofl:

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Ooh. I look forward to this post! Thank you for the time Fabio. We all love Nash and enjoy to know what’s in the pipeline & how we can help.


I feel lucky to be in this great community, I believe in its values and because I am sure that we are building on a solid rock. Many projects grow fast but their base is weak, Nash has chosen the most stable and secure path in the Blockchain industry. :nash_token:


Great post Fabio! We are all here together to build something amazing, and with the people we have around us, I know we will succeed. That is exactly why I am here. Excited for the future, go Nash!


Thank you guys, I hope ambassadors like yourself @Bitzion can work with people in the community to build their own ramifications of this on places were we unfortunately don’t (can’t) touch. The network needs to work, if everyone has a target “find one more community member every week” or “build a app this month” we will be an unstoppable force.


Thank you @canesin !You a great leader.

Every day I open Tweeter only to check some new your comments and tweet’s.
Every day I read each message in the community telegram channel. All this because I love Nash and I want to know every small detail which happens with Nash project.

I didn’t sell any of my NEX since ICO and won’t sell them for at least 2 years!
Truly believe in Nash vision!


Balm for the soul. I’m here to stay and my 2 years old daugther and (yet) unborn son are soon also a part of nash…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: