Monday planned maintenance and last hours for Round 1 feedback

Hi all,

On Monday, time [edit] 23:59 UTC, we will do a scheduled maintenance to deploy the first week update as promised in the Round-1 thread. With that we will also be closing the threads as we prepare for Round-2.

I would like to ask our community members to dedicate some time today/tomorrow to go over the product and do a detailed and specific feedback on user experience issues after seven days.

Please try to use the following template, add screenshots and markers whenever possible:

  • I liked the most:
  • I liked the least:
  • This feature I had difficulties using:
  • This feature I didn’t had difficulties with but was annoying:
  • I missed this that I use frequently in this other product:


Feedback thread


Feedback thread


“Pro” feedback thread

“Basic” feedback thread


Feedback thread


Feedback thread

Thanks all!

PS-1: Yes, the update include dark mode. LOL.
PS-2: We will announce the exact time on Twitter. Reminding that your funds are always accessible directly on the blockchain using the keys on NEON or MyCrypto, so if in the 2h maintenance you have a emergency you have not lost access to anything :wink:


Thanks 4 the info.#trustyourselves

  • I liked the most: The seamless UI/UX on the exchange, and the mobile app. Everything is very promising, and it’s showing signs of being the best user experience in the crypto exchange space.
  • I liked the least: The very slow customer support. It’s a major issue. It took me almost two days to resolve a KYC support ticket. While it may seem insignificant since you’ve just launched, this is a saturated space with limited attention spans and cautious traders. HitBTC and Poloniex have reputations of horrid support and as a result traders have moved on to other exchanges. Most people want to get in and out with their trades. If you give traders a reason to believe they will have to wait days or weeks to resolve their support ticket, they will find another platform.
  • This feature I had difficulties using: Registering my account in a state I’m not a resident in (due to IP location incongruence). I’d recommend a button in the verification process that says “Traveling out of state?” and guide these users to a more manual set-up that may take longer but still gives them the option of registering. If it’s impossible to enable users to register when they have an IP mismatch in geo-location, I’d recommend making this blatantly obvious they won’t be able to (eg, multiple “Are you sure this is where you’re residing?” warning notifications when signing up).
  • This feature I didn’t had difficulties with but was annoying: It was annoying that, in order to change the address you select at the very beginning of sign-up (even if I mistakenly choose the wrong state), you need to go through an elaborate customer support process submitting several documents, OR you can simply throw away that account and make a new one. I find it odd that there is no “reset my account” to roll it back to the beginning of the registration process, yet I can easily make a new email/account to accomplish the same thing.
  • I missed this that I use frequently in this other product:
  1. An option to stay logged in for 24 hours or longer. Coinbase and Binance offer these features and it’s a small feature but likely keeps me trading there more than I otherwise would (eg if I have to grab my device upstairs for 2fa in order to login to my account, I may just put it off until later)
  2. Beaxy has a “total staked” ticker. Would be nice to see a page with elaborate metrics and charts of NEX stakers (duration staked, amount staked, circulating NEX, etc).

Would also be nice to get a dedicated mod or two on these message boards as there is a lot of low level content being posted by mostly upset short term traders. It’d be nice to have a mod answering and locking most of these threads.

All aside, congrats on the launch. Very excited for what lies ahead.


I can’t import wallet to NEON by private key, but i can login by private key. why?

  • I liked the most: The user interface is awesome and really easy to use and understand. Everything is all in one place and looks awesome, all we need is more function to slowly be added to make this awesome UX more usable (aka, ramps, btc trading, volume, etc.). The potential is here we just need strong execution!
  • I liked the least: Staking limit (which will be fixed), the inability to use FIAT on ramps in Canada (which should hopefully also be added soon), and the inability to use the exchange in Canada (which hopefully is also coming soon). I also wish we could sort our stakes and I do not like the staking statements page as it is long and confusing (probably because I have 16 stakes) it would be nice if we could sort this better maybe by dates or combine all stakes into one payment statement. Lack of order books are not great (aka low liquidity). I also kind of wish the sign in page on the front page of in the top right lead to the actual login page and not the exchange page, it kinda is an unnecessary extra click. I also think your staked tokens should show in your total funds $ number.
  • This feature I had difficulties using: Due to my limitation of features to being staking and referrals and funds management I didn’t have too many difficulties with my limited selection of things to do.
  • This feature I didn’t had difficulties with but was annoying: I know it is for security but I do get a tiny bit annoyed with pulling out my phone every time to do 2fa. Perhaps an option to “trust” a computer for a specific number of days for logins? The 2fa check before a send of funds makes perfect sense though.
  • I missed this that I use frequently in this other product: FIAT on ramps using eTransfer is awesome in Canada using ShakePay, would be nice to get those funds directly on Nash using a method like that. BTC trading also, which I understand is priority. Also some new users may find it consfusing not having a “deposit” option and only a send from external accounts option. Traditional exchanges used the term deposit.

THIS!! I know me, and many others, would be fully willing to volunteer time to help moderate this forum.

Do you realise that this is not a feedback thread?

post your feedback in the corresponding threads

in the future , it may be good to add a note in about maintenance in addition to twitter notifications