Tiered Staking Calculator

Hello everyone,

I recently put together a tiered staking calculator and posted it in the Nash reddit community (unofficial):

Here it is [Google Sheets] (it will prompt you to create a copy – this is so you’ll have a sheet separate from what other people are editing).

I thought people here might find it interesting to play around with, as the idea has been mentioned here before in older posts.

Tiered staking is a way of ensuring almost 5% of your total NEX stash is liquid and available in your wallet every single month for four years. This calculator is only meant to illustrate how you’d do this, and what returns may look like.

This calculator operates on huge assumptions:

  1. Revenue stays the same over the entire four year period – this is impossible, but for simplicity’s sake the calculator doesn’t calculate anything other than what you enter.

  2. There is no maximum amount of stakes permitted on the platform per user (this method requires 24 separate stakes.)

  3. Probably a handful of other things I’m not considering

The idea isn’t for this table to paint an accurate picture of potential profits, it’s simply to showcase how the tiered staking method works. Also, in using this strategy, you are losing a small amount of profit on the first 24 months of staking. Since each initial stake is anywhere from 1 month to 24 months long, you aren’t receiving the full 75% stake rate should you decide to do a full 2 year stake on day 1. That being said, after the first 24 months of staking, you will transition into receiving profit from 24 separate stakes at the 75% rate every single month. I hope that makes sense – I’m terrible at writing these things out, lol.



It is really nice to see an idea develop that far. That’s open source at its finest :wink:

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Awesome piece of Work!! Thank you for your Contribution… Its very encouraging to be have these numbers to play around!

Honestly I can’t think of a better staking strategy than this in the long term. After 2 years this strategy is super useful. The only issue would be if you do decide to sell a month it will upset the continuous staking rhythm… but thats fixable.

You should specify the time frame of the “Nash Revenue”. Took me a while to figure out if it was daily or monthly.

Good point. The way I picture it is that revenue begins at $0 on day 1 of your stake. It grows until your stake is paid out (after a month, or a specific day of your choosing). When the stake is paid out, revenue “resets” back to $0 and begins growing again until your next stake payout.

This is why a static value for revenue doesn’t really make sense, unless Nash is consistently making around that much each month. There’s no variance – it doesn’t account for bull/bear markets, events, future Nash updates, etc.

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Interesting strategy - thanks for sharing. Like you say, it is a bit of work… My gut feeling is that initial revenues will be relatively small, and token price volatility will be high. For that reason I am happy to sit out staking during month 1 until some numbers are known…

Yes, as we communicated the team expectation of volume for first three months is to close the period at about ~100MM/mo (becoming a top 100 exchange and best performing non-custodial platform). That is uncertain, and we could be both positively or negatively surprised at the end of first operating quarter. Our listings will be limited and we start with less users than established projects, our hypothesis is that only after our 2nd gen key-management system and Bitcoin trading support that we will see an accelerated increase in active users.

Hi @canesin . Are there plans to add more trading pairs during the first 3 months?

he said on this forum before that they will be adding trading pairs in a linear fashion with them doubling each month. so 2 month 1, 4 in month 2 , 8 in month 3 , 16 in month 4 and so on.

lets see.
first few months may be a big struggle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes, tokens, ERC-20 or NEP-5.


Great. Thanks Fabio :blush:

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