Staking: MVP feedback round 1

@fischdenflo I was responding to @oncdoc

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Oh sorry that was my mistake :speak_no_evil:. Is there an answer to the staking?

Like many others have stated here it is annoying that we can’t make our 24 stakes. Nowhere at any point does it say that there is a maximum of 8 stakes until you have completed your 8th stake. Now I am stuck with 8 stakes having to wait until one of the stakes expire so I can stake the rest. Why can’t we make more than 8 stakes? This number should be at least 24. I am most annoyed that it did not tell me this beforehand though, stuck with idle NEX tokens.



Hi, is this strategy explained somewhere for me to read about?

see here

you divide your total nex by 24 and create 24 stakes from 1 up to 24 months. when each stake ends you restake for 24 months.

this will provide liquidity. (would, if there were more than 8 stakes.)

so at 8 max stakes you will have to divide by 8 and stake every 3 months at first. if this is the max, alot of us didnt know this and now have staked too small amounts.


cheers mate

Is there any incentive to stake my nex tokens sooner (while there’s no volume and no dividends) rather than later (when dividend payouts justify the risk of locking in tokens) ?

not really, but by doing the tiered staking you will be getting 25%-50% in the first few months/ 1st year, where volume is assumed to be low, increasing up to the 75% in the second year.
Once the 24 months is up, each month you will have access to 1/24th of your total amount. You can either stake again for 24 months for max fees, or sell your tokens.
So the incentive of doing this is that each month after the initial 24 months you will gain access to locked tokens.
This will be the case if you follow the first staking method, and then continue to stake each 1/24th for 24 months thereafter. Obviously if one months tokens are not staked there will be a gap.

Thanks @moose. I’ll see how the volume looks over the next while

Could the Nash team please contact us. I have invested a lot of money in my staking strategy and now I have the problem that I have already staked 1/3 of my NEX tokens and can not steak my other tokens. This is very annoying, especially because this strategy was known in the forum and never said anything was that it is not. Also not in the FAQ …

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Many Thanks.


I created a stake 2h ago, but it didn´t show up until now (either in “Transfers” nor in “Stakes”)! How long it will take to see that the stake was successful? Or it didn´t worked out and i have to do it again? zhx for your answers.

Wait for 1 month and the restake the remaining NEX for 2 years. Its just that you cannot stake anymore for the next one month.

Though with 8 as maximum stakes, I guess instead of 24, do 8 stakes 3 months apart

that is nonsense what you are telling. I would have to wait 17 months until I can open a stake again and that is not acceptable.

The first stake you did is for 1 month right?

No 24

@Cryptomoneymaker please refresh the page and it should show. If that does not help, please contact Support -

Guys… dont panic… I think this limitation is temporary. They will relax it soon. Let the Team confirm

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so you started with 24 and the 23…and then reached 17 months!! wow, what made you do this way. You should have been smart and started from 1 month and 2 and 3 and so on.

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what is smart about that? that really does not matter how you start