Tiered Staking Calculator

Thanks for answer. Taxes are also headache for me. So I completely understand your position. I also plan majority of my NEX to hold for 2 years. However cryptomarkets are often irrational. I can imagine a scenario, where after BTC implementation, some youtubers and cryptoinfluencers start to shill NEX and price become completely crazy and it would be pity to have all tokens locked.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood but is there a need to stagger the stake like this? Cant I just stake for 2 years and take dividends similar to how gas is claimed? As desired?

Absolutely, nothing wrong with that strategy. However, if you stake your entire stack of NEX for two years, you won’t have access to it for that entire period. What if you have an emergency and need cash? What if NEX skyrockets and you’d like to have sold some?

This method gives you ~5% of your NEX back every month to allow you this flexibility. It’s not the best option, it’s just one option.

For the record, I will be sitting on the sidelines for the first month or so. I’m curious to see how marketing progresses, how Nash spreads through social media, how the exchange performs, etc. Not worried about dividends because volume will likely be low for a while. My two cents. ¯\(ツ)


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But if it is not the best option then what is the best option? To me, splitting into 24 stakes is the best option if you want staking revenue + the ability to sell a portion.

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Then that is the best option for you. Everyone’s concept of the best option will be different. Those who don’t like managing 24 stakes - restaking every single month - will not like this strategy. They might prefer a full 24 month stake with their whole stack. Those who don’t care about liquidity might not like this option, because the returns during the first 24 months will be closer to 66%, as opposed to 75%.

Everyone’s situation and psychology is different, so I would argue there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy. It’s the same with asset investing – some prefer dividend yield, some prefer hands-off ETFs, some prefer small cap stocks, etc.

Ultimately, the best strategy is one you will stick to and that won’t keep you up at night. When I do begin staking, I will likely use this strategy because I like a hands-on approach to my finances. I’ll enjoy tinkering with NEX on a monthly basis. Don’t just chase the option with the biggest return – choose a strategy you enjoy and that doesn’t make you a nervous wreck.


Very true. People are different. I would stake for 24 months but split it into 3 and stake it by the 25 Aug , 5 Sep and 15 Sep so that I get dividends every 10 days. This is just to average out on the volatility in the crypto markets.

intersting idea

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Just a thought hours/minutes before we go live. dividend you didnt get from staking is not lost. Its more for Nash to spend to develop an even better solution for the future. When the dividend will really matter. Don’t be greedy when the ROI on greedy is not much :wink:

I’m already amped up to open my stakes already now, don’t care about low volume, just trust-the-process :wink:

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How do I receive my dividends?
Dividends are automatically added to your trading account. They are paid out on a daily basis, shortly after midnight UTC.

I think you don’t need to split into 3 parts to get dividends every 10days since dividends will be paid out every day.

@pplvee Total number of stakes are limited to 16.
can you please update your sheet accordingly? it’s helpful.

I’m holding off altering the calculator until we hear more about unlimited stakes being implemented.