Webapp feedback

Hi all,

We would love to hear your feedback around our platform web app.
This is all about the product, not possible market or business - please focus on your impressions and feelings about the usage and satisfaction with the product.

For facilitating the interpretation please use the following format:

Rate: 1 to 5, 1 being displeased and 5 being loving the product.
To love it I miss the most: what is missing in it for you to love?
I like the most: describe what you like the most on it, a short why can add a lot.
I like the least: describe what you like the least on it, a short why can add a lot.
I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes/no

Ideas I would like to share: use this space to share your ideas.


Rate: 4
To love it I miss the most: I miss being able to trade, fiat ramps as im located in canada, obviously this is a work in progress and will wait however long it takes to use these impressive tech products being produced
I like the most: The simplicity of the exchange and how when I compare CEXs with NEX I observe absolute no difference. Very user friendly. Also, when I sign in, I love how portfolio is the first thing I see and how easy the tabs are on the top left, love the simplicity.
I like the least: On portfolio page the green graph that is shown is awesome, but it only dials into detail for the 1w view, the look is awesome and I would enjoy the same detail on the 1m and 24hr graphs. Lastly, the staking page, when I unlock a stake a message appears every-time “unlocking nex”. Awesome! Thanks nash for letting me know nash! But then two seconds later it refreshes/resets and the message appears back to original “unlock nex” when the nex have already been released. I click away over and over again and it does the same thing for about 5-10 minutes until the system notices. This is a small annoyance.

Ideas: Someone had a gif of a btc transferring idea that pops up top right corner when a transaction is in the process or multiple transactions. it was awesome, maybe on community member can dig it up and remind team of excellence. Very unique and ive never seen something so interactive. More tools like these please, be creative!

Exchange looks different than it did on September 11th, thats for sure, and in a good way! Thanks for the opportunity to share as well!

Thanks, L.M.


Rating: 4


  • Read-only API access for trade data
  • User imposed withdrawal limits
  • Simple and secure Tier 2 verification, ideally not requiring sensitive documents to be emailed
  • Simplified exchange interface (I’m aware this is WIP)


  • speed and responsiveness, the exchange feels fast, particularly now that the order book has been redone, you’ve nailed the CEX experience on a DEX
  • ease of use and design: overall really impressed with the clean design
  • care put into minimising number of clicks - for example selecting markets couldn’t be easier


  • (aesthetic) dark mode could be a little darker, the trading view chart doesn’t fit in
  • frequency with which password/2FA is required is too high,


  • push notifications to mobile app or an email when transfer completed
  • ‘About info’ when clicking on a particular asset e.g. a simplified price chart, bit of background info, supply metrics etc (basically a concise coinmarketcap without the garbage). This doesn’t have to be for every asset but at least the ones that are traded.
  • perhaps a user defined timeout period where password/2fa is needed again

I would be open to doing a user testing interview.


Rate : 4

To love it I miss the most : Ability to Canadians to trade, Canadian FIAT on and off ramps (maybe services like Shakepay or Newton could be good), new referral program, Nash merch!

–> For example, my current onboarding process is transfer money to Shakepay, buy BTC, send BTC to Binance for my desired alt coin, trade it on Binance, withdraw from Binance to my Nash wallet. Wish I could do all of this in Nash.

I like the most : The UX is the best i’ve seen on any platform and it makes me wish that I could actually used Nash for everything, but I unfortunately can’t yet.

I like the least : High max fee estimates (like a $2 fee ETH transfer)

I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes

Ideas I would like to share :It would be could to add more staking services besides just NEX such as ERD, ETH (when it comes out), ADA (when it comes out), etc.


I like the least :

Ease of use, navigation can be more user friendly and simple.
Also the less pages and subpages the better.

Home page can use an update,
“My assets” section is lackluster and not very useful to look at, it has too much info.

I can point out lots on design. A quick note would be to update dark mode and try going for a more minimal look instead of the dated gradienty look.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes


Guys! Thanks very much for all the feedback so far! Let’s get a lot more, ask other nashers to do it!

Please, reply all questions! They might look similar but the check different boxes on the methods we use to evaluate Nash products!

I will give a personal example:

Rate : 3

To love it I miss the most : MPC on the web, I really miss being able to set constraints on the web app like withdraw limits and just be free from security worries with browsers.

I like the most : How easy it is to sign-up, I have never had such a great experience to enter into so many chains at once, having Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEO wallets with just a email and 30 seconds feels like magic to me.

I like the least : The portfolio page, I see myself all the time going to assets because I can’t do what I want in the portfolio page - it end-ups being just another step I have to do, enter in funds and switch to assets.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes, I am usually at CEST timezone.

Ideas I would like to share : I think that we should merge portfolio and assets somehow, with having the assets view of “personal / trading channels / pending” in the portfolio and the easy search of all supported coins there as well. I would also prefer that the graph on it was a lot more useful like I could compare coins on time and actually track deposits instead of current coins I have


Rate : 3,5
To love it I miss the most : Skipping, what I know is coming in the short-term, the no.1 feature that I am eagerly looking for is the MPC integration to funds management. Defining limits, whitelisting addresses, locking my funds for 24 hours before a transfer could be initiated and receiving notifications when my funds are moving is important for me to feel secure.
I like the most : I like the pro trading interface and design. It is clean, easy to use and understand.
I like the least : I really lack more in-depth statistics or analysis tab. I like the https://nash.blockshain.com/ created by @fabibi, but this only uses public data. For me, the “Total Asset Value” graph does not tell me the whole story and I would prefer to have access to personalized statistics and see more data about my funds.
I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes – I am based in Prague.

Ideas I would like to share : A feature that would allow me to define my own investment strategy and auto rebalance my portfolio according to pre-defined parameters. In other words, self-created ETF. A strategy, that could be defined by the community members, shared among them and adopted by other investors. I am not an active trader that seeks to gain alpha, but I prefer a passive indexing strategy with an automated rebalancing of my portfolio.


Rate : 3.14159265
To love it I miss the most : Fast way to trasfer to/from Trading contract (with comission of my choice).
I like the most : Full trade history in the main window (only Bittrex has it). Very easy to navigate.
I like the least : Trading session locking on refresh and automatic log out. It doesn’t look like trading, it looks like I have some severe form of OCD when I am doing it every 10 minutes or after every page refresh. Make it 24 hours. At least 6 hours.
I would be open to do a user testing interview: no

Ideas I would like to share :

  1. Browser notifications with sounds (filled orders/partially filled orders; deposits) (Bittrex, Kucoin).
  2. Email and mobile notifications.
  3. This tab (always visible above Recent trades tab):
  4. 1-step deposit and withdrawal feature (to/from trading contract).
  5. Higher Tier 1 limits (at least 10 BTC per day).
  6. Portfolio/Total asset value in BTC.
  7. Icons for each coin in Tranfers tab and different colors for Transfer icons:
  8. Correct USD values on EVERY pair (also for Avg. price and Sum window)
  9. Fill not only Price field but also Amount field on click.
  10. Fiat off-ramp for my region.
  11. Yes, I think that you should merge portfolio and assets somehow.

Rate : 4
To love it I miss the most :

  • Leveraged trading
  • UI bot (with different strategies - Market Maker / Market taker)
  • NashCash

I like the most :

  • Speed of orders execution is just phenomenal.
  • UI / UX

I like the least :

  • a new page open when i want to log in
  • Sometimes i have to unlock the locked order by password / 2FA

I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes

Ideas I would like to share :

  • Can have more than one account with the same KYC, or the ability to have linked accounts (like for childrens)
  • Convert dividends to some tokens (by configuration - like everyday at 02h00 convert all dividends to a token, or limit it to NEX / USDC / BTC / NNN).

Rate: 4

To love it I miss the most:
Converting all my dust to a single asset in one click.

I like the most:
Simplicity and the speed

I like the least:

  • Open orders should always be visible, not by the selected period. I once forgot an open order and took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t trade.
  • When I am on the Markets or Orders tab, I often go to the Main Menu > Trade when I want to trade. Nothing happens, because you are already in the trade menu. This is my own mistake, but I keep doing this. Going to the first tab by default when clicking in the main menu would help.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes


Rate: 4.5
To love it I miss the most: Less-costly & speedier transfers between personal and trading contract.
By the way @canesin, wouldn’t “Channels” feel a bit mysterious to the average Joe? I believe we should stick with at least “trading” in the name. I liked “trading contract”, but I guess “contract” can feel a bit obscure/technical. “trading channel” could definitely work; another idea I had was “trading room” as it reflects the idea of a temporary environment, which is still part of the house .

I like the most:

  • The funds manager. It could be a product in itself: having an all-in-one multi-blockchain (BTC, ETH, NEO + others soon) wallet aggregator, not needing to worry about keeping those wallets up to date and getting top-notch security on top of that is soo valuable. I believe it will be one of the key success factors of Nash.
  • as others said, the trading experience once inside the trading contract is as good as top CEXs.

I like the least:

  • auto-logout time is too short. Make it longer or allow to customize it to fit one’s preference.
  • “Transfers” tab should show updates in real time. Many times the list did not show my most recent transfer. Hitting the “Refresh” button did nothing and my transfer showed up only once done. Updating confirmations count in real time would be nice as well.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes, I live in Paris.

Ideas I would like to share:

  • I would like to connect to the exchange using Nash app (a possible requirement could be to have enabled 2FA generation on it first)
  • Same as what I said for my Nash app feedback: manually entering a simple average buy price to monitor my portfolio performance. This could definitely work well with the idea of merging Portfolio and Assets tabs as suggested by Fabio.
  • Alerts are not a nice-to-have anymore: it’d be nice to be able to toggle each of the following: in-app notifications, push notifications and emails
  • Soo many other nice things to add: compounding staking dividends, scheduled buys, social features (copy trading, portfolio copying (making one’s portfolio anonymously public, and ranking them by performance, so that others can track and possibly copy best performers), etc), referrals (earning tickets when you pay with Nash Pay, randomly earning tickets when you trade (chances of earning a ticket grow with volume of the trade ofc), monthly lotteries, etc). I would love to debate on any of those topics in dedicated channels/threads.

Rate : 3.5
To love it I miss the most : More pairs, Nash Cash, Nash Pay.
I like the most : Simplicity, Non custody, Performance, Multi-blockchain funds management, Registration process, The vision.
I like the least : Lack of pairs, liquidity, more 2FA options, and last I had a look at the SDK’s could be polished more.
I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes

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Rate : 4/5
To love it I miss the most : send/receive payments to other user’s email addresses from within contract wallets > on/off ramps > taker bot.
I like the most : transaction & order responsiveness, and that it feels secure.
I like the least : hard to think of one, but i’d say liquidity, and someone else mentioned dark mode being a bit too light; I’d agree with them (the nitpickiness and difficulty thinking of something here is a good sign imo).
I would be open to do a user testing interview: no

Ideas I would like to share : Even if sending funds to other users from within the contract wallet becomes available, I’d still avoid marketing to existing PayPal users until fiat ramps are available in most countries. Getting those PayPal users to make the switch, and then asking their feedback in the same way seems like the right way to go; newcomers with no blockchain experience would probably give better feedback, or at least find it less difficult to critique things as they’re not accustomed to using Nash like most of us are. I’m also wondering how many of those PayPal users would consider running a bot or staking non-NEX tokens, should either of those thing be available at that time. Might be good to grab a few dozen non-crypto users and get their opinions soon.

Other than that, I think you’re on the right track so keep up the good work.

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rating: 5

I miss the most is: to be able to have a different value range in the transactions and according to my need to be able to establish the value that I want to pay.

what I like the most is: the distribution and simplicity to handle the exchange.

What I like least: are the options to see so many project wallets that we do not know and are not interesting at all.

I would be open to do a user test interview: yes

Ideas I’d like to share:
have the possibility that Nash has the stakeout function active in the tokens that have that option

Adding to my post

+1 on @kazanchev and @Oldsport’s suggestions on speedier/improved transfers.
This is the only aspect of Nash that’s an annoyance.
Not sure if this is possible, but any of these two solutions would make Nash a close to perfect experience:
Being able to send and use assets from trading channels
Having one step swap for non-traders without having to deal with transfers

Rate : 3
To love it I miss the most :
Transfer improvement / one step swap feature

Simplifying and updating UI and navigation
Home screen isn’t very useful to look at,
Merging portfolio and assets is a great idea, maybe even add recent transactions in home page too.

I like the most : Favorite wallet solution with email/2fa. Potential to become all-in-one product for non-custodial crypto.
I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes PST

Rate : 4.5

To love it I miss the most :
Option to select a gas price when fund transfers. At least 2 options like high priority or low priority.

I like the most :
0 maker fees
trade ui - everything fit on the screen and it is perfect.

I like the least :
High tranaction fees
When we log in Initial trade page always neo-eth it would be great if it is last time open one.
Auto sign out frequency is very high. It should be longer.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: no

Ideas I would like to share :
In staking-> statement-> month page show so many transfers. Most of them are zero and even there is more than 30 tranaction groups for one day. So that page also stuck when we Open it. It is better it only show one reward receiving data for one asset for one day. Also it better it only show non zero transactions.

Rate : 4.0

To love it I miss the most :

  • eth/neo transfer giving warning it can take up to an hour to transfer (shouldn’t it take minutes?)

  • showing maximum fees for transfer (can it be a range, can user choose lower side on fees understanding it could suffer speed)

  • i needed to enter password multiple times after logging, unlocking buy/sell. I wish i don’t need to enter multiple times after first login

  • want to see more more orders getting executed, when i needed to exchange some eth, all i could see is buy/sell order waiting, may be this takes time and need more users… but it gives a good feeling to trade when you see many orders getting executed every second

  • thought i saw couple of times, after buy order was submitted, the buy/sell tab getting refreshed…

I like the most :
order entry/cancellation is fast
staking is smooth

I like the least :
wish transfer time from personal to trading is lower

I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes. (but i am only a part time trader, i have learned to work with numerous existing exchanges, so i may not be able to give constructive feedback)

Ideas I would like to share :
When the stake is completed, it feels like token is not belonging to the user until he releases. (i hope i didn’t overlook anything here)

Rate : 4
To love it I miss the most : Copy trade, Bot trade, Leverage trading, nash pay
I like the most : Good trading experience and more better than CEXs.
I like the least : Auto logout or no auto-logout please…
I would be open to do a user testing interview: No
Ideas I would like to share : Trading to personal or personal to trading transaction fee should be free


Rate :

To love it I miss the most :
Fiat on & off ramp for Australians and obviously buying nex on Nash…

I like the most :
The clean sharp beautiful UI

I like the least :

I would be open to do a user testing interview :

Ideas I would like to share :
The web version needs to keep up with the mobile version…
Two things jump out at me now, the mobile version has had for a while now the ability to display your portfolio in your chosen currency and display information on what each assets is with a bit of an overview. The web version needs to keep up with mobile at least in features it can match!