Nash pay incentive

I love the idea of Nash Pay and even though we don’t have a lot of information on it, I see great potential.

However, in this 3-year-going-strong bear market, I feel like most of my tokens are undervalued. Therefore, though being a strong Nash advocate, I would be very reluctant to “spend” any.

Unless there was an incentive…

I have several ideas of possible incentives:

  1. Earn 1 NEX for your first transaction with Nash Pay of the day
  2. Reward the top 3 biggest users of Nash Pay every month
  3. Every transaction with Nash Pay grants you an activated ticket for a monthly lottery

My favorite is by far number 3. Because:

  • It builds upon a system of tickets which (a) Nash users are familiar with thanks to the 2019 lottery and (b) could be combined with the return of referrals as we knew them before the 2019 lottery: those tickets give you access to the same monthly lottery as tickets earned through Nash Pay payments, though them must be activated to count.

  • It gives everyone a change at winning and discourages cheating. To give a small incentive for bigger transactions, the number of earned tickets could follow a logarithmic function of the amount:

    • under $1: no activated ticket earned
    • between $1 and $10 : 1 activated ticket earned
    • between $10 and $100 : 2 activated tickets earned
    • between $100 and $1,000 : 3 activated tickets earned
    • etc

I’m sure Nash team already has plans for Nash Pay, but I’m sure we as a community can collectively help them. Of course, it’d be much more interesting if we hear from them as well.

#TrustYourselves :vulcan_salute:


Nice ideas for bringing new people. I just read few posts in here where people are worry about volume. The forget that we still miss btc pairs and that real marketing didn’t even started. Ideas like your are good and i think people in this community are mature enough to suggest more great ideas.

I like the idea, shall attract more transactions and more users. Hopefully team will look in to it.

I like the idea of using NashPay gives you tickets in a a monthly lottery. We are focused on the incentives for merchants now but will for sure include this idea on incentives for users when we brainstorm the promotion of NashPay for costumers.


I would like to pay with crypto services easily.

For example a few days ago I needed to pay for a course, I had to send BTC to Skrill, then use a third party to exchange for PayPal money and finally pay for the course.

The same thing happens to pay for Banahost hosting, I have to do this whole route, I would like to pay with crypto without having to go through all this.

i want to add in that we shouldnt be -TOO- excited for nash pay, as there are plenty of crypto services already that are easy to implement in existing stores, even functionality to immediately convert to fiat etc.