Post-staking portfolio balance

Good morning team,

First let me say how much I love the project and how fun it is to have an investment growing in potential before our eyes every day. I think when we look back at this time in 2 or 3 years we’ll be amazed at how much was being developed in such a short period. Good fun.

Anyway - a simple bit of feedback that I feel is bordering on a bug. I’ve seen a number of others complain / note it in the Telegram chat too, and it seems it could be easily fixed.

Post-staking (when a stake is finished), the Nex that is not being staked any more must be referenced somewhere in the overview / portfolio. When I logged in recently to find my portfolio thousands of dollars lighter I went into a mild panic…then I realised it’s just because a short stake had finished.

When looking at the main overview page when you log in, on the right there is:

Available assets

  • Personal account
  • Trading account

Unfilled orders

Staked Nex

It seems logical that the ‘Staked nex’ title could change to ‘Staking’ and then have two similar sub titles like:


  • Active stakes - $5678
  • Completed stakes - $3456

And the amounts obviously should be reflected in your portfolio balance.

I’m sure others will have better ideas about how to reflect it - but please do something as it will inevitably cause issues for other people when their stakes finish, and then waste the time of customer support (who have been excellent every time I’ve spoken to them!)




First of all welcome to the forums DBC, I see you recently joined but have obviously followed Nash for at least a little while.

Secondly, great idea I am glad you posted this, as I too recently experienced this and was a little worried!!
I didn’t have the time to make a post about it at the time then forgot till I read your post.

Definitely needs to be addressed in some way!


Yep, this also caused me some confusion. Actually I first thought that I had made a mistake keeping count of my total NEX holdings. Even changed it into my porfolio app before realizing this :smiley:

I agree that it would be nice if this completed stakes amount would be shown in portfolio balances view. Perhaps next to it could also be a button for releasing tokens from all the completed stakes.