Update request On launch

this is like flying with the EU kindergarten group in the usa to celebrate christmas there. at first it escalates because the santa does not even arrive on the evening of the 24th, but only on the 25th in the morning. and then it escalates a second time, because they also have to wait until they are back in the EU because the “Kinder surprise eggs” are forbidden. all christmas messed up


Well done guys :+1:
I guess this doesn’t affect the code at all, but could you please update: @neon-exchange/api-client-typescript to @nash-exchange/api-client-typescript. This is me being finicky :grin:

Keep on going and rest assured, we remain patient. Best wishes and hope you all have a nice weekend.

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Still “in preparation for launch.” ?

Any new updates? Was away for a week. It seems launch has been postponed indefinitely.

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Does that mean you will leave this forum indefinitely? Please say yes…

Why are you so defensive?

Any feedback about the sandbox?

Just like to request the team to be clear regarding the timeline as the team is not providing any timeline as we have already passed a week anticipating that exchange will be launched today or tomorrow. Can’t we be clear with the community as @canesinalways said that community is the major thing and plays the major role for growth , how it’s correct to keep the whole community in a situation where no one from the team is commenting the exact date or time for the launch . Please think about it and the community too as u need the community to trust you and we had stand by your side in every decision but request you to be transparent with the community at least and update us . @ethan @carla


Now we only need to patiently wait that this process if finished.

We learn patience, peace of mind
Great practice.


Hi Fabio (@canesin) , is ETC still available in the MVP product? And if so, could we get the address from the contract? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

There is absolutely nothing shady about what is currently happening.
We provide an update whenever there is relevant information that adds value to our investors.
If there is any change, it will be widely communicated.


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@cryptodragon we are not providing a new date tomorrow or the day after because we will go live as soon as we can. The official date was 23/8 for which different teams worked internally. When doing QA in production we faced the issues we already communicated. A proper retrospective will be done after the situation has been dealt with. Even when factored the delay, Nash execution continues to be solid from both technical and legal output. We activated a special team to guarantee that the liquidity providers are on-board and operational as fast as possible and have unblocked the other teams to continue to progress in their timelines. That is why we decided to release API, sandbox, mobile and etc.

The community is core to us and we have gone great lengths to support it as you must know. We do regular in-person events and many of you had the opportunity to meet dozens of the team members already. We have quarterly reports of progress and keep an open forum for communication. None of these is common in a startup of our age but we do it due to our values. The community’s belief in our project is not just because of that, but also due to the track record of the team and the milestones we have been executing. Our technology is not uncertain as the competition, it has been demonstrated and can be verified. The pressure for a release date should not conflict with maintaining our track record of delivering reliable and innovative services.


I really don’t understand why you keep answering someones, you know that they are here just to make noise, and are pushing the team,keep repeating the same questions, we should be mature community and not acting like kids, if all of those keeping asking stupid question gives just 10 minutes on their time, and go read some documentation about how a Release is done, or what can roll back a release, or what can block a release, it will be better for them.
90% of the community and investors are with you, just keep doing what you are doing, don’t think about time, don’t feel under pressure, we are still have a whole life for that.
@All annoying people, please save us your negative comments, and be a little bit mature, and try to understand that the team is not launching a chat app, this is a huge software solution depending to a lot of things that you are not even aware about it.
So keep calm, and wait for the launch, rather have a good quality product than a down for maintenance every week.

Thanks @canesin for the revert , I totally understand your point of view

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Hey @canesin could you please update on current progress of boarding liquidity providers?
To get things on a sort of a timeline and correct me if i’m wrong.

  • on 23rd of August there was an AWS outage which caused problems with fiat on-ramps.
  • also, on 23rd of August, you discovered differences in people balances with Ethereum on 30 min timeframe
  • you start building your own Ethereum explorer which was finished few days ago
  • on 29th of August you start onboarding liqudity providers
  • on 1st of September you open Sandbox and API for testing, also NASH mobile KYC app is launched on Google play store

Could you please list next tasks that need to be done before launch for the community? How come the AMA deployment thread was locked and untouched for the last 5 days.
Edit: Wanted to thank you and the team for the time and effort you put in your work.


Please just let them work… launch is imminent and were are lucky to get so much information but this is just asking to be spoonfed. I’m also curious and awaiting the launch but asking for timelines literally has zero benefit right now.

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