It is time to be critical, please listen to your community

I have to agree with @NATENEX. I’ve been following him on Twitter and he is nothing but supportive of NASH project , keeps linking updates and shares awareness. When criticism comes from such person, then it must be taken seriously.
Couple of months ago, I created a topic suggesting more open communication from the team, which was shortly after locked by @canesin and deleted and they told me I can leave and go trade on competition platform if I am not satisfied. This is not how you get loyalty and good word spread around.
Back to your point, team had 3 rounds of beta testing with several months duration, and also few months to polish everything out for launch. After seeing Instagram post “We don’t have cold feed about our launch tomorrow and neither should you!” I knew it was gonna be delayed. Later @ethan and @canesin posted - launch is imminent, definitely few hours, not days or weeks, again, I was sure it will be weeks before the launch. Days pass by, new problems arise and team stays silent and hush us every now and then.


As a community member you are not supposed to criticize the team. While investing you were not guaranteed anything. If they deliver be grateful to them, if they dont that is completely your fault.

We have been waiting for more than a week, initially the team’s announcements calmed me down, @ethan told us that it would not be weeks and that was a deadline that encouraged us all, but now many days have passed and the people we have been positive and patient, we began to lose patience little by little, but we see ourselves helpless because we can do nothing but publish our disagreements, silence is the worst tool that the nash team is using, I am a nash believer and I will be in this boat until the end, but please wonderful team of nash @canesin @carla , do not be silent before the community that supports and believes in you. Thank you . :nash_token:


what nonsense

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To be perfectly honest, Nash and been very fortunate to have an informed, learned and mature community but they should not take this for granted as it only takes seconds for this to be overturned because believers like us might need up misconstruing the team silence and lack of update/timeline on what really is happening behind the scene to mean something disastrous that can’t be handled.

Sincerely, we need to be wary of other co-investors here trying to talk and shout down useful criticism at the team as I’ve been seeing recently here even when the team has recently been goofing in the area of communication and dexterity in handling issues. Almost 2 weeks issues should no longer be seen as a minor delay. It would have been better no exact launch date (23/8) was given if team knew the MVP was not ready than fixing a launch date and not being able to keep up at it.

Yet again we were told deployment is imminent for the past couple days and it’s been almost 2 weeks now nothing. Why not own up for the avoidable goof and give us a concrete timeline and detailed of what issues you guys are trying to solve and when it’s expected to be fixed (days, weeks or months) so we can re-focus our minds when to expect than release half product as KYC app, API and Sanbox stuff when main product is not ready.

it only takes seconds for goodwill to erode and cost more to bring it up on track and please the Nash team should not take this slightly.

I wish the team all the best of lucks!


Revert from Fabio earlier

Honestly ‘As soon as we can’ is not a good answer. It could mean couple of days or couple of months.

With the outstanding issues, they should have an estimate to work on the issues and a new deadline and announce it rather than letting fudsters to takeover.

We are here to support whatever the new launch date is !!


Wow… LOL.

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Totally agree with this!

Couldnt agree more!

Hi @NATENEX there is a difference between communicating with the community here (which we do listen to) and general public. I have been posting daily to our community - but some here have been requesting updates multiple times a day and that is not something feasible.

Regarding Ethan’s comments on twitter and here that you @Bitzion and others are referring to, I believe that it was a misfortune. In his defense, he genuinely believed that in a short time we would open the platform. But for the potential users outside of the community our communication has not included those references.

We do have a social media policy and we will reinforce it internally. It includes not providing uncertain time frames as that generates issues like this. Sometimes team members don’t have the full picture of all moving parts to properly assess time.

We have not provided a timeline because it must be meaningful and guaranteed. We are waiting for the team that is working on the current blocker to give us green light and, so far, feedback has been of imminent solution and that is what we have communicated.

The team has not been working on any critical piece that would put funds in danger. Before on-boarding the liquidity partner, an auxiliary system that assists withdraws on NEO UTXO assets was not working properly due to the tests performed in production, meaning a manual withdraw process for the liquidity partner and bad UX for users on NEO UTXO - something that is not in line with the agility needed there.

There has been a proposed fix that is being tested and we will conclude the on-boarding, but anything in mainnet blockchain is a slow process. We will not push absurd future dates because they are “easier” to communicate, but in return could damage our go-to market; nor will we make a promise for something that is uncertain. What @venurgopal is suggesting is not true, the date of 23/8 was not a magical random date, it was an agreed date which was comfortable with the leads of different teams - as such we do not expect larger delays - as I said before, we will do a retrospective (post morten) later.

@jerrywhyte why would the community distrust us like such? The supposition that we are hiding something disastrous that can’t be handled is absurd. First, we are builders of blockchains and would be very hard to have something that our technical team couldn’t handle; second, keeping a release possibility would only damage us if it was not to happen in a reasonable time frame - the founders are the ones most invested in this company.

Finally, the API, sandbox and app are not half-products, they are needed pieces for the platform. In fact users of the API can attest our cross-chain technology by just placing automated orders on the sandbox, that run on actual ETH and NEO testnets, and enjoy trading speeds comparable to centralized systems.

I don’t think this daily discussions are productive for our goals, specially from some. We have people that have not contributed to the community before or contributed very little posting several times a day “demanding” updates. That is somewhat misplaced. We have been transparent in what we do, in the past we have had people doubt of us before: that we wouldn’t do a security, that we wouldn’t build the tech, that we wouldn’t have US licenses, that we wouldn’t partner with banks and so on. I guarantee to our community, we will be live in no time, fast enough to capture business of non-compliant exchanges being forced to block users. Unfortunately it was not at the date we engineered due to things within and without our control, but will be in actionable response.


Thank you @canesin. As mentioned many times, community is behind you. Focus on the blockers and use your valuable time to speed things up. Not launching an innovative project on time is not a problem. Fail could easily come up only if platform launches and security or heavy UX issues arise.

Keep building, keep innovating, keep disrupting! We support you 100%!


Thank you @canesin for the response. I cannot speak for everyone else, but that is more in line with what I have grown to expect from the Nash team, a well thought out and justified response. I understand @ethan posting on a personal account (when you’re apart of something as big as Nash you want to speak about it), my concern is that the community and general public in the end are one in the same. If the community hears it on any medium from any reliable source it is circulated like wild fire (good or bad) and thus if given time frames change there should be an official response as the community (myself included) expects it. We don’t need an arbitrary date if there isn’t one but a latest update stating there will be a delay is better than silence. The latest official update about the delay we received officially is on twitter on August 29th. That’s nearly a week without any word as to address Ethan’s given timeline or any official blog response.

I do not stand by most of the other comments in this forum and do not personally believe we need multiple updates daily and the frequency of updates is not for me to decide but as a customer of any industry, and working in the architectural field where we give deadlines for delivery often, if those deadlines are missed our clients expect a prompt update with a new anticipated deadline regardless of reason. If those new deadlines are not possible then best business practice is to update those and so fourth.

Just my 2 satoshis, I appreciate that you are listening to the community and everyone has opinions that are often hard to manage but I wouldnt still be here if I didnt think you and the team were doing anything short of a great job. I will leave it at that and say thank you for all of your time and understanding, we all know how hard the team is working and that you want to see a successful project just as much (if not more) than everyone else here. :clap:


Wen community site Dark Mode :hugs:

There is already a test dark mode :smiley:


*edit: @NATENEX
Just as a side note:

  1. I really did like your two posts in here
  2. I especially liked the fact that your clearly trying to speak for yourself.

A quality that I am missing in a lot of posts. In my opinion too many people are trying to sound like they would know what others think, feel or motivates them. Probably because they think it would give their posting more weight.


So what now? Has the launch been postponed to next month?

“We are waiting for the team that is working on the current blocker to give us green light and, so far, feedback has been of imminent solution and that is what we have communicated.” -Fabio

“…anything in mainnet blockchain is a slow process. We will not push absurd future dates because they are “easier” to communicate, but in return could damage our go-to market; nor will we make a promise for something that is uncertain.” -Fabio


Is there a chance that bitcoin pairs will be available on launch?

This would be a wonderful gift to us all !

August 23 friend, it is pending to set the year only … but the date remains firm.