Update request On launch

The acceptable reason for not giving a deadline is expectation management. It’s why Fabio and Ethan should not have been posting “hours/days” on the original launch day. Those comments spawned so much FUD.

And you’re asking for MORE deadlines? Have you learned nothing?

Go outside, get a coffee, enjoy life. Nash will be up and running before you know it.

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So you seriously imply that I am sitting in the apartment and do not enjoy my life because I ask a question here?

Great community we are here :ok_hand::rage:

Just stop asking the same question again and again, it’s really getting annoying. Patience is a virtue.

Relax guys, let’s be kind to each other because as investor everyone have their view about Nash and we should respect each other

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Yes youre annoying. Why dont you just go to the NEX HQ and solve the problems in 1 minute. But dont dare to fail or you get haunted by internet trolls in your sleep.

you are also annoying … great level here :ok_hand:

I mean they’re updating on progress, say what the problems are and how they are going to deal with it. You keep pushing and puhsing and pushing as if you’re helping them in any way. If you’re a blockchain engineer I’m happy to see your critisizm on what they did wrong, but if you are not able to solve ANYTHING, but just complain about someone ELSEs project, which is probably 100 times more important to him and his reputation, you should just learn about patience. Or you are overly commited in the project and should just give up on it and look for more promising project in the future if youre not happy with what you get.

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The most annoying thing is that the same people that keep pushing the team to give estimated time are the ones that will start shouting “broken promises”, unprofessional etc when the time elapse. They should understanding that systems are simply unpredictable particularly during integration. Patient everyone, we are almost there.


Whats going on here? :smiley:

Calm down everyone, getting fu***d up now is totally the wrong thing. Just try to get in the position of each other and you will understand why one is asking again and again the same question while the others mention to be patient.

Overall there is only thing that counts at the moment.

On boarding the liquidity provider. As far as I remember this step was also planed last Friday, where the launch initially was planned. Even when everything would have worked out as expected. If that is the case, we can estimate that the on boarding should be done in one day. And as usual most people want to have a weekend (even nash team and liquidity providers I guess). Today is Friday (again) so they hopefully will get the job done today. If not, we will see us on Monday? :thinking:

Just some stupid thought from my side, but I like this more than getting mad at each other.


this is like flying with the EU kindergarten group in the usa to celebrate christmas there. at first it escalates because the santa does not even arrive on the evening of the 24th, but only on the 25th in the morning. and then it escalates a second time, because they also have to wait until they are back in the EU because the “Kinder surprise eggs” are forbidden. all christmas messed up


Well done guys :+1:
I guess this doesn’t affect the code at all, but could you please update: @neon-exchange/api-client-typescript to @nash-exchange/api-client-typescript. This is me being finicky :grin:

Keep on going and rest assured, we remain patient. Best wishes and hope you all have a nice weekend.

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Still “in preparation for launch.” ?

Any new updates? Was away for a week. It seems launch has been postponed indefinitely.

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Does that mean you will leave this forum indefinitely? Please say yes…

Why are you so defensive?

Any feedback about the sandbox?

Just like to request the team to be clear regarding the timeline as the team is not providing any timeline as we have already passed a week anticipating that exchange will be launched today or tomorrow. Can’t we be clear with the community as @canesinalways said that community is the major thing and plays the major role for growth , how it’s correct to keep the whole community in a situation where no one from the team is commenting the exact date or time for the launch . Please think about it and the community too as u need the community to trust you and we had stand by your side in every decision but request you to be transparent with the community at least and update us . @ethan @carla


Now we only need to patiently wait that this process if finished.

We learn patience, peace of mind
Great practice.