Telegram FCC username, real or fake

There’s a user in the Telegram chats called FCC which claims to be Fabio, Both chats has lots of nash supporters / investors.

Can you please clear this out.

Now they claim that you released an app to google play. (it’s there but no official tweet/news)


All the trusted source is here on the community website, on Nash blog website ( ) and nash official Twitter account ( @nashsocial ), Fabio Canesin ( @canesin ) and Ethan Fast ( @unignorant ).

Trust nobody else


I trust no one, that’s for sure but It’s kinda disturbing that a guy might post under false alias.

I sometimes reply in TG when there is some support need misdirected. For example today there was a person having problems with sandbox because his firewall was blocking the connection, so I detected the issue and instructed him to contact support for further issues.

In general don’t trust me or anyone else on Telegram, always verify data with the official sources. Is very easy to impersonate someone in TG, so even if it is or not me or someone from the team: just trust yourselves.


Thanks for clearing this up!

Question from every nash community member

Thanks @canesin clarification. could you please tell us on clear date on when is the launch.This will boost the power of investors. Dont mind asking the same question again and again…as most of the investors are in Dilemma whether nash will be launched or not…as we missed the release target since 1 week 2 days. still no clarity on launch date.

Its been stated in previous threads where you’ve asked the exact same question… you don’t need to ask the same question across every thread. You’ve got your answer so please stop asking.

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