Mobile feedback

Hi all,

We would love to hear your feedback around our mobile app.
This is all about the product, not possible market or business - please focus on your impressions and feelings about the usage and satisfaction with the product.

For facilitating the interpretation please use the following format:

Rate: 1 to 5, 1 being displeased and 5 being loving the product.
To love it I miss the most: what is missing in it for you to love?
I like the most: describe what you like the most on the app, a short why can add a lot.
I like the least: describe what you like the least on the app, a short why can add a lot.
I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes/no

Ideas I would like to share: use this space to share your ideas.


Rate: 4
To love it I miss the most: Staking nex tokens! and non of this “swap” terminology on the market page, I need a trading page replaced for the open orders page and have the open orders be a subsection and the main point of this page being “trading”. It is super confusing for me to be on the markets page to make a “swap”
I like the most: I enjoy the simplicity of the three different sections on the app, this is awesome and looks great at the bottom
I like the least: The market page is not clean and could use better UI, small things such as the latest price of each asset are too small, also small graphs look ugly tbh and could just look overall cleaner. Secondly, I don’t want to click on the price of BTC on the markets page and see “swap for USDC” I want to click BTC or whatever digital asset and get a bigger graph or more in-depth professional stats on BTC.

Well done on the new update. Very impressed.

Thanks, L.M.


Rate : 4.5 - This is the best crypto mobile wallet that I know of, it is nearly perfect.

To love it I miss the most : Maybe a way to track top currencies by market capitalization like Coingecko or CoinMarketCap does. Then I would have everything I need in the Nash app instead of having so many apps. Also, fiat ramps in Canada on mobile would be great but I understand this may be far away. Ability to interact with DeFi apps is also a thing I would like to see with Nash (which I understand is on its way :slight_smile:)

I like the most : Trading interface looks great, the portfolio viewer is awesome, I LOVE the integrated 2fa, I honestly wish I could use Nash as my 2fa for everything. Beautiful UX, just amazing, you all have really improved it over the last few weeks and months.

I like the least : For some reason after every big update I have to re-login to my account and set up the face id login again. The fact that you can only see assets to two decimal places which isn’t good for coins where you tend to own less of (i.e BTC). No Canadian FIAT ramps. No way to stake from mobile.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes, always :slight_smile:

Ideas I would like to share : Like I said just having a top coins by market cap section would be nice, could then delete CMC lol. Also, it would be cool if there was like a “crypto news” section where we could view the latest tweets from Nash or the latest posts.


Rating: 3


  • Dark-mode for mobile :crazy_face:
  • Simple charts, depth and order book (Coinbase PRO app has a great implementation of this imo)
  • Staking NEX


  • Wallet functionality is great
  • Built in 2FA
  • Quick access ‘+’ button is nice
  • Face ID
  • The swap feature itself as simple as it could be, given the complexity


  • The whole markets section needs improving as @Canadian_Nasher said - when a user taps on an asset, it should go to a screen showing the chart and current price, where the user can also initiate a swap if they wish. Going straight to swap doesn’t feel right
  • I’ve lost count the number of times I have been logged out of the app, sometimes after an update and sometimes randomly
  • Portfolio data like price/percentage change etc could be a little more nicely laid out


  • I think the Coinbase PRO app has nailed the balance of features and simplicity for mobile trading. Perhaps this isn’t the UX you are going for and you’d like to keep it simple, but I think the current user base would appreciate something like this.

I would be open to doing a user testing interview.


Rate: 3.8

OS: Androïd

To love it I miss the most:

  • Viewing the orderbooks and possibly (advanced) trading.

I like the most:

  • look and feel: the app is enterprise-grade quality. You can tell a dedicated team is behind it and that user experience is overall a major focus.

I like the least:

  • app launch experience: both slow and counter intuitive: after unlocking with my fingerprint, “Unlock app” / “Sign out” buttons remain visible for 1+ second, which would almost have me press them. A good ol’ loader instead would do wonders imo.
  • navigation fluidity: there’s a good 500ms delay when switching between tabs. Imagine having such a delay while using your everyday browser. If a sub 100ms delay cannot be achieved, the least would be to show a loader.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes, ofc.

Ideas I would like to share:

“Exchange” tab:

  • vertical ellipsis icon: I’m sure the original idea behind this was helping the user realize there’s a possible interaction there, but in reality it mostly just takes up horizontal space. Here’s what I would do: remove it, the plain click is enough imo.
  • swiping: As a user, I expect a common action on the swipe left action whereas today it’s “Add as a favorite” (not something you’d abuse of in your daily usage I believe). So I would have “Swap” as the swipe left action (in addition to the plain click, as mentioned above) and “Add as a favorite” as the swipe right action.
  • searching: the search bar takes up too much space compared to its current use in my opinion: there aren’t that many pairs you wouldn’t be able to reach by scrolling once or twice; moreover, there’s the favorite tab. Couldn’t it be included in the header? for instance, as a magnifying glass icon which when clicked would open a pre-focused input.

“Funds” tab:

  • portfolio performance: Allowing the user to save an average buy price for his tokens would be nice to check his global ROI at a glance. Combine this + the pin feature + a quicker startup speed for the app and it’ll replace my portfolio/delta/hodler app without any hesitation.

Guys! Thanks very much for all the feedback so far! Let’s get a lot more, ask other nashers to do it!

Please, reply all questions! They might look similar but the check different boxes on the methods we use to evaluate Nash products!

I will give a personal example:

Rate : 4

To love it I miss the most : Nash Cash, if I could buy and sell crypto right there to my bank account it checks all my boxes.

I like the most : How easy it is to send and request assets. Sharing a bill is super simple and I can just send a link that will trigger the transfer from my friends - I wish this was more developed, maybe with NashPay/NashCash so that we can go from credit cards to crypto - this way I could send a request denominated in €

I like the least : Missing contacts, mobile without contacts feels like it is incomplete.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes, I am usually at CEST timezone.

Ideas I would like to share : I would love to have a in-app browser to use dapps without a desktop, it would also be great if I had a nash-login so that I can generate restricted API keys to login in Nash apps like @Oldsport casino app, Imagine just scanning a QR code and using it with my Nash account - that would be something else.


Rate 4

OS: Android

To love it I miss the most:

  1. Nashcash/third party ramps (In my region which is Dubai)
  2. On the swap page I should be able to reverse the direction of swap and not necessarily go back and then reverse it.
  3. In some distant future would love to use NashPay via NFC at physical stores!!!

I like the most

  1. Easy of use while swapping assets.
  2. The User experience is top notch
  3. Can stay away from my desktop

I like the least:

The startup speed of the app once fingerprint is authenticated

Ideas I would like to share:

IMO Funds section should be the first, followed by Exchange and then Orders.


Rate : 3
To love it I miss the most : Being able to pay for goods and services in any physical store via the Nash app with NFC in my phone. Why? I could then stop using my credit/debit card and hold everything in USDC or other stablecoin and just pay for the goods with nash.
I like the most : Checking my portfolio and the overall market performance. Why? I don’t have to use Blockfolio, since everything is in my Nash account.
I like the least : The “ Transfers ” tab. I think it is not organized well. Tagging, grouping, and naming the transactions and spendings would be great. Some finance intelligence and analysis of the transaction page would be appreciated.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes – I am based in Prague.

Ideas I would like to share : I have already shared my ideas about contacts. I still think this would be a great addition and would promote Nash further. On mobile, this is even more important, since people split the bills among their friends quite often when they are on the go. Quick settlement via Nash would be great.

I am personally waiting on a feature that would allow me inviting my friends to Nash by sending them some funds and “ locking ” it into some smart contract. The contract would release the funds to my friends when they create an account with Nash. Or more generally, something like smart escrow wallet that would release the funds if some conditions (defined by Nash or myself) are met.


Rate : 4.2
To love it I miss the most :
Nash cash to deposit extra money left from previous month salary and
trading page with futures for daily trading for some short trades!

I like the most : log in with 2FA
I like the least : personal and trading contract are not organised well, its hard to tell where are funds.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes

Ideas I would like to share :
Some icon or notification for reciving funds. All of us expirienced unpleasant moments when you dont know will you recive your bitcoin or not. This would be helpful for begginers.

Exchange/swap page:
Header/title is too small, its hard to notice it is actually exchange page and search tab is to big.

Locked in stake should be in # of staked Nex, not in $ value.

Team, Thank you for your work, don’t be discouraged by some comments by few people one telegram and twitter, big community cheer for you!


Rate : 3.5
To love it I miss the most :

  • Advanced trading
  • Staking
  • NashPay
  • NashCash
  • Dark Mode
  • A way to be able to access personal / trading account on offline mode (with possibility to move assets)

I like the most :

  • 2FA built in
  • Swap
  • UI

I like the least :

  • For Android devices no Face detection is available

I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes

Ideas I would like to share :

  • In the All markets page, when we move a pair to the links a Favorite icon appear, it will be perfect if you can also add a ‘SWAP / trade’ button there too.
  • The possibility to have 2 instance of the application in the same device ( for example i have a business and a personal account, and each time i have to re login with the other credentials), it’s a nice to have, but no priority on this.

Rate : 3
To love it I miss the most : A more advanced trading interface than “Swap”, Nash cash, Nash pay, Messaging feature, Staking, Dark Mode, Simple handle names e.g. “$MANGE”.
I like the most : Design, The “pinned” thing, Swap in theory, In-app 2FA, Multi-blockchain funds management, KYC Verification, Ease of transferring funds.
I like the least : A little laggy sometimes when switching tabs, Swap doesn’t actually swap right away because it’s set as limit order for the time being.
I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes

rating: 4

What we miss the most is loving it: being able to view orders

What I like the most: the simplicity of managing the app.

What I like least: it is very slow when trying to open the different tabs.

Would you be open to do a user test interview: yes.

Ideas I’d like to share: have more purchase options for projects that are well positioned in the market

Rate :

OS :

To love it I miss the most :
To replace my Google Pay app, I use my phone with NFC to pay in-store all the time. Would be great to use my Nash app and easily pay for my groceries!
Obviously, would also love the ability to purchase nex on Nash!

I like the most :
The funds manager, it’s easy to understand, a clean sharp UI with extra information on each asset only a touch away. The added overview description of each asset is awesome too!

I like the least :
The size of the balance overview element displayed under assets on the funds manager tab. My phone screen size is 6-inch.
I would like the ability to resize that element and make it smaller. Possibly via a long hold and drag with a confirmation window confirming what your’re doing so customers don’t accidentally do it.
With this feature I could customize my display and comfortably see more…

I would be open to do a user testing interview :

Ideas I would like to share :
Some form of partnership with
They have been around for years, have a great reputation and provide a simple, secure way to pay everyday Australian bills with bitcoin.
Someone recently suggested it on Twitter and I think it is a good idea, especially if you are looking for more of a foothold into the Australian market!

Rate : 4

To love it I miss the most :
Nash Pay and staking management

I like the most : simple and user friendly ui. View my portfolio.

I like the least : no detailed graph and also no option to see 24h lowest price and highest price like simple details about pair

I would be open to do a user testing interview: no

Ideas I would like to share : Adding option to select gas price based on priority would be great. (Low or high like two options)

Rate : 3

To love it I miss the most :
Nash Pay

I like the most : Swap feature

I like the least :

  1. if i use swap, i have to move funds from trading to personal account which cost transaction fee, and then when i want to withdraw from personal i have to pay another transaction fee.
  2. I don’t like entering 2fa everytime, its a bit hassle, i prefer login with Pin code or fingerprint.
  3. the app always logged out itself, and i have to enter my email and password and 2fa everytime i want to open the app on phone.

I would be open to do a user testing interview: No, i’m shy

Ideas I would like to share :

  1. The trading account should have deposit address, withdraw and send.
  2. Free transaction fee like argent wallet, if people want to move funds from personal to trading or trading to personal it should be free.

Rate : 3
To love it I miss the most : Simplicity, a lot can be removed for a better experience.
For example there shouldn’t be an orders tab.
I like the most : Markets tab design is very clean, but I’d remove the biggest gain loss and volume squares on top. You can also remove the favorite markets section and just have favorited markets appear at the top of the list, would make app simpler.
Bottom drawer is a nice addition
I like the least : App startup time takes a while on ios.
Huge circle in portfolio isn’t very helpful
Crypto icons can be bigger on portfolio and less info would make app look more clean.
I would be open to do a user testing interview: Yes PST

Ideas I would like to share : +1 on dapp browser tab and nash login. Having the bottom drawer being: trade, wallet, and dapp browser would be great.

Rate 3.5

OS: Android

To love it I miss the most:

  • claim GAS issues are a few months it’s doesn’t working. I recall a few time to the support.
  • advanced mobile trading for have a real trading experience with limit-markets-stop, charts etc.
  • NEX staking for have the opportunity to stake the tokens from app mobile.

I like the most:

  • All-in-one wallet
  • User experience
  • 2FA
  • Swap
  • Fast and easy

I like the least:
I don’t found atm something.

I would be open to do a user testing interview:

Ideas I would like to share:
As I already shared, I would like to have a ‘staking section’ and ‘Claim section’ to have when the tokens staking and claim rewards will be implemented on Nash.

Rate : 3.9
To love it I miss the most : if the app could go a little bit faster when switching pages, that would be way better
I like the most : the design is great, the app is overall very pretty
I like the least : sometimes it is very slow
I would be open to do a user testing interview: yes, for sure :blush:

Ideas I would like to share : have a look at the Swissborg app or at the NEXO wallet app: they have great UI/UX so it is easy and quick to use

Rate 4.0

OS: Android

To love it I miss the most :

  • advanced mobile trading - charts
  • NEX staking
  • Fiat-Ramp

I like the most :

  • Fast KYC
  • 2FA
  • Swap
  • nice ui
  • funds view
  • Filter for Trading History

I like the least :
*There is only a 24 hours view
*marketview of the assets (when clicking on a assets in funds)

I would be open to do a user testing interview :

Ideas I would like to share :