Contact feature discussion and brainstorming

I would like to appreciate the importance of the feature Contacts which were just implemented in the MVP yesterday. I think this is one of the features, that if done correctly, will bring nash to its vision 1 bn. users by 2020. It is the feature which could drive the network effects beyond our wildest imagination. Remember platforms where people interact such as Whatsapp for messaging, Facebook for social networking and we will soon see Nash for payments.

I would like to share some of the key features that in my opinion could drive the adoption:

  • Extremely easy to request payment for someone who is not on nash yet. For example, if I owe someone 100 USD, I will send it to escrow wallet where only they will be able to claim it, but only if they create Nash account. Thus everyone can bring new users in just by settling with your friends. Welcome new users, you just tried how nash works.

  • Implementing splitting bills among your contacts with an immediate or future settlement. For now, I use Splitwise, but Splitwise will be obsolete if Nash implements the same features.

  • Some kind of social networking feature. For example, sending gifs with payments. The way LinkedIn is social network for businesses, couldn’t there be a meaningful social network within the finance sector? For example, closed groups of investors that hold a certain amount of an asset. You must hold certain amount a token to be admitted to the group – this would prevent spam and would promote the quality of the groups. Something similar to the Nash forum, which requires 1 NEX to be admitted and where certain topic (Nash) is discussed. Facebook promotes “free flow of information” but this does not work every time. Connecting value with social medias could be game-changer and another driver of new users.

  • Very easy finding and connecting with your friends without the need to fill in all the data (ie. Name, addresses) for them. Just one click connection.

I encourage others to brainstorm in this thread. Do you have any other ideas about how the contact feature could evolve in the future? How important do you see Nash contacts? How would you like the feature to evolve?


if possible that escrow idea is awesome

1 billion users ?typo maybe ?

Being able to customize tags for each contact, to categorize them into groups like “colleague”, “client” “family”, etc. might be handy. Especially if there’s a visual element such as color-coded folders, where clicking on one folder expands it to the right half of the screen so you can drag/drop contacts between different folders for organization. Alternatively, being able to add horizontal divider bars to categorize contacts would also work; drag/drop or having up/down arrows to rearrange them could also be handy in this case (difficult to say without yet having dozens of contacts, and trying to send multiple payments).

Typing in the contact’s email, and then having their name/phone/list of any wallets that person has elected to auto-fill would be nice, but that’s bells & whistles and perhaps treating it a little too much like social media. Something to look into at a later date.

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The typo was “2020” :wink:


From memore it was 1 billion in 2030! :smirk:

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This my friends (& team!) would be awesome!

It would give me the opportunity to let anyone with whom I do financial transactions create a Nash account.

Once my friends & family have an account, I can finally receive money in BTC!

I think that this would be enormously powerful and that many community members would engage in bringing in new users.

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How about a SEPA/SWIFT option(when ready) where one could just type the Bank contact from a person, and be able to chose to pay/send Money to a person with automated conversion.

ie. I have 10 ETH and my Brother is on my contact list with only his Bank contact…

so i just send 100€ and NASH is converting my ETH automatic to € and sends it to his account…

this way anybody could pay anyone even if they don´t own a crypto wallet and the exchange would get the “Conversion fee”…


I think most of the features are already done with Venmo (US only though) - I like the social aspect. Those would be groups with high exclusivity. Probably works as anyone on a finance app has got some money in their account.

Finding friends on Nash should be done like they all do…just check your phones address book and find who is already using Nash for easy connection.

This is all pretty far away though. They need to get BTC trading done which seems to take a lot of time and nobody knows if this is even a smooth experience, especially during crazy bull markets.

Well i would love to ditch my Bank for NASH, if they make a SEPA payment option… I would rather pay a few cents more per transaction and conversion to NASH then my Bank… hell, i would even pay my utility Bills with NASH !

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