Equilibrium feedback: Funds management

Starting this weekend, all current Nash Community members will be able to access our Equilibrium beta using the referral codes distributed through Community PMs. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback so we can make Nash the best it can be!

Use this thread to leave feedback on the funds management tools only. If you want to leave feedback on the exchange or login and account creation, please use the designated threads: exchange feedback, login and account creation feedback. Feedback posted in the wrong thread will be moved.

For crashes, use the Sentry tool within the Equilibrium platform, providing details of your device, system settings and location.

If you are unable to log in because your username or password is not recognized, try creating a new account using your existing referral code.

Equilibrium will be closed on Monday, 6 May. We will reopen it on Friday, 17 May and run it for an additional week, finishing the exchange beta program on Friday, 24 May.

Please note that the following planned features are not available in the present version of the beta:

  • Staking
  • Transfers outside the system
  • Simplified exchange

As with our Subgame feedback thread, we will be removing off-topic posts. We may also delete feedback posts as we process them. Don’t worry if your post is deleted – it probably means we’ve taken your feedback on board!

ATTENTION: This runs on Nash testnet - do not send funds to any address!


I would suggest making the numbers click-through links to relevant area where the information is managed. When I look at the numbers and suddenly decide to cancel all my unfilled orders I am looking at the number and want to click on it. It should lead me to the place where I can manage the orders. The same would apply with all the other fields around the area - staking should lead me to a place where my stakes are managed etc.


On behalf of Nash I would like to say thanks to our community for all the feedback, our MVP is fully defined in UX and features (a process known as Beta Freeze). We do not plan to run release candidates publicly.

All the best,

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