Subgame feedback thread

Hi, everyone!

We know our testers are excited for phase two of our beta, Subgame, which goes live this Sunday. We encourage you to discuss your impressions with each other in this thread. We’ll be reading your remarks closely. Please restrict discussion of Subgame to this thread, rather than post multiple topics.

Users who were invited to participate can also fill out our feedback survey here.

Before the beta goes live, I’d like to give you some idea of what to expect.

Subgame is the second phase of our beta. Most visual changes and modifications based on feedback so far will be implemented in the third phase, Equilibrium, which starts on 26 April. Subgame will be visually quite close to Bluefield, which some Community members have already looked at.

The following features will be available to test:

  • Central accounts system
  • Basic funds management tools
  • Advanced exchange interface

Please note that we will not unlock funds transfer functionality in Subgame. We do not want to risk users attempting to transfer real funds into a testnet system.

Some features will be missing, given feedback from earlier design iterations. We will present these improvements at a later stage of testing. For example, the simplified exchange will not appear until Equilibrium. We are also currently redesigning our implementation of market orders, so they will be unavailable for now. If the new design is ready on time, we will push a Subgame update for it.

We hope you understand the complexity of the system underlying Nash. What’s going on under the hood is far more complicated than typical exchanges. On the surface, it doesn’t look this way – which is our goal! We’re taking very involved interactions and cryptography and making them appear simple. However, this takes a lot of work, and we are still refining and polishing things. Not all functionality is perfect right now. But this is the point of beta testing! We need your help in finding bugs and problems, and these issues will be ironed out over the coming weeks.

We are especially interested in crashes! However, there is no need to report crashes within this thread. Out beta has a feedback system for dealing with them. If a window pops up because of a crash, please take your time to describe the conditions under which it occurred, including your operating system, geographic location, the language of your browser and system, and your browser and its version. If you are accessing the beta from a tablet device, add its maker and model. For mobile, Nash will supply native apps – this is not a focus of current testing.

Thanks again for all your support! We look forward to your comments :slight_smile:


Thanks to all the testers for the amazing feedback! This topic is now closed and contributions are being deleted as they are processed.

Our goals with the betas is to refine user experience and we had several insights from the data provided. Equilibrium is already freeze for implementation, we are certain that not every improvement will be implemented in time so if the feature you love is missing in Equilibrium remind us again of it (and up vote if you see someone reporting it).

Given the great amount of contributions for Equilibrium we will use several feedback threads for different pieces of the product instead of a single place. I remind you to avoid feedback of crashes and bugs, only when they are product of lack of features - we can QA those using the crash reports, Nash wants now to listen you so that we have the best user experience.

PS: The subgame beta will continue accessible, so you can continue to test if you didn’t yet. We are just closing the feedback collection for now.



Subgame testing is now closed. Our community is awesome, let’s keep this beat on Equilibrium :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: