Update on beta program?

Just looking for an update from the team on the progress of the Beta program (apologies if a post was planned to come from the team this week) as it was mentioned by @canesin that it was supposed to close on the 24th?

Has the team received all the feedback as wanted for the beta ahead of MVP? Thanks for any response.

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Out of curiosity: Does Nash remain in touch with testers under NDA, for example to test the release candidates, or is their input not longer required ?

Not all testers have the same profile, so this is not a yes/no question. Some testers are users of simplified interfaces, others of funds management and some professionals. We will consult a bit more the professional side right before general availability just for checks.


if i understand you correctly, you will still show the MVP to the NDA professionals now for final comments before launching nash exchange to the public.