Equilibrium feedback: Exchange

Starting this weekend, all current Nash Community members will be able to access our Equilibrium beta using the referral codes distributed through Community PMs. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback so we can make Nash the best it can be!

Use this thread to leave feedback on the exchange only. If you want to leave feedback on the funds management or login and account creation, please use the designated threads: funds feedback, login and account creation feedback. Feedback posted in the wrong thread will be moved.

For crashes, use the Sentry tool within the Equilibrium platform, providing details of your device, system settings and location.

If you are unable to log in because your username or password is not recognized, try creating a new account using your existing referral code.

Equilibrium will be closed on Monday, 6 May. We will reopen it on Friday, 17 May and run it for an additional week, finishing the exchange beta program on Friday, 24 May.

Please note that the following planned features are not available in the present version of the beta:

  • Staking
  • Transfers outside the system
  • Simplified exchange

As with our Subgame feedback thread, we will be removing off-topic posts. We may also delete feedback posts as we process them. Don’t worry if your post is deleted – it probably means we’ve taken your feedback on board!

ATTENTION: This runs on Nash testnet - do not send funds to any address!


The number looks confusing

os: windows7 Traditional Chinese
google chrome v 74.0.3729.131 Traditional Chinese

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In the location circled, please include the current proce as a USD value (like binance does). This is a really important check for me (I check this proce against the current price of the asset on coin market cap to make sure the market rate on the excahnge reflects the overall market rate per coinmarketcap)

See where “Neo price” is circled. My preferred was of stating this is “Price (NEO)” same as Binance


The binance order book is really intuative. Three columns, “Price(XXX)” , Amount (XXX), Total (XXX).
In the centre there is the market proce, which includes the USD conversion (really really useful)

Im sorry to use binance as as example. But it just works really well


I’m always unticking this box. anyone else ?
Would be nice if Nash would remember state of this ticky boxy

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some orders already filled but the percentage bar not function

the price of usdc to neo pair always showing 1$
market order in usdc to neo pair not working always showing the error message like provided image

Is there any way to zoom in and out on the depth chart? Also would be nice if this would work with a shortcut or “apple gesture”.

(which is possible with the trading chart BTW)

Ive done my fair share of trading on several exchanges but the cross chain trading confuses me… And to add to the confusion: he orderbook is far from intuitive to me. for example: price and size? Size = total amount I guess? Price = price in NEO for 1 ETH? and where is the total?


And what is 0.30 in the middle? the spread? why don’t you show the current price?


There is still an error in the OHLC data for all pairs. It appears that the data linked to the “High” and the “Low” are still swapped. i.e Low values shown for “High” and high values shown for “Low”.


It would be nice to have a window in view with a “glance at the market” like this:

Sorry for Binance example


Why are the individual rows this big? it seems like a lot of scrolling. Also, some clarification in the sorting would be nice.


On the order form, I found the “With Neo” part a little confusing. I had to think for a few seconds. I think “Total” would be clearer in this location and much more inline with what the user is expecting to see.

You don’t need to say “With Neo” as it already states Neo behind the value in the field.


After playing with indicators, i am now stuck with “Bars” chart. I choose different types of chart but nothing change. I tried to reload page, sign out. Browser : Chrome
EDIT : After clearing the cookies, that’s ok

When I sign in with a different browser (Safari) is ok.

  1. I really like the hiding (colaps) orders option, so we get a lot of space for the chart without having to go full screen, and at the same time I still see the order book an Recent trades.
  2. I like moving Order book, Recent trades and Buy and Sell to the right side of the screen. Recent trades is too little I think it would be even better for Recent trades to be moved to the right side of the Order book.
  3. Buy and Sell is what I realy do not like, it’s very confusing, have too much blank space between rows, it’s unnecessarily long and takes up too much space.
    I think it would be better that Buy and Sell be completely separated. Using the switch option is not safe and it’s easy to make a mistake.
    No need to reinvent the wheel, as it was done at the Binance. Everyone got used to it and somehow it became standard.

GAS size don’t fit with ETH sum
NEO size don’t fit with GAS sum

don’t understand why with MAKER OPTION ON I always pay fee.

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Dragging label flicker

While dragging the orderbook separator, the SUM labels freak out / flicker.
I would prevent the SUM labels from appearing while dragging.


Rounding up --> Error funds

When clicking 100%, the amount filled is rounded up from available balance causing annoying error.

Whilst trading on the GAS-NEO pair;
When i decide to limit buy GAS with NEO it’s displayed correctly.
When i decide to market buy GAS with NEO, it displays as type a market sell, and it changes the pair displayed to NEO-GAS. I find it slightly confusing.

I think in the market tabs having a NEO-GAS pair and a GAS-NEO pair (or any similar pairings) could set people up for huge misclicks/misactions.

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Amazing improvement, lightening speed, friendly UI, smooth navigation. I only have a few minor UI modification suggestions here:

trading view setting

  1. scale left / right doesn’t respond to the setting
  2. maybe this panel “Graphs | Price | Depth Tradingview Chart” can integrate with the one below into one panel?
    like: “time | m | h | D | M Original | TradingView | Depth”

Order panel

  1. maybe change “With *” into “Total”
  2. and put ‘Price’ ‘Amount’ and ‘Total’ to the left side of each’s box, this way looks more compact and use less space
  3. and have “Limit | Market | StopM | StopL”
  4. I like the fee information below, very considerable

Top panel market pair

  1. seem can be organized into a more intuitive and efficient ways, I like using colors to differentiate different markets, I also like the old-way that organize into BTC, ALT, FIAT markets
  2. market pairs in the drop down can be more compact and organized into four columns: "MarketPairs | Price | Up&Down% | 24h Volume
  3. and put stars on the left right next to each market pairs


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Yes, the speed is great. Buy I can’t see my order in the order book.

Chrome 74.0.3729.169 x64 on PC, Windows 7 x64