Equilibrium feedback: Exchange

AAAHhhh… I made a mistake, I wanted to sell 10 GAS, not 1000 GAS… how do I cancel?


In a previous revision of the beta testing there was a version where the order book and the recent trade history were both in one window under different tabs. I found this to be a good screen space saving initiative. I liked that solution much better than the current tiny recent trade history window.

Example of my preference below.

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I have some remarks for this iteration of the exchange:

  • First, the side window to fill the order was better positioned on the left, the mouse had less distance to move from the side bar to the buy button, it was more ergonomic.
  • It would be great to be able to collapse all the small windows individually to make the chart looks bigger.
  • The arrow to collapse the window should also be reversed in my opinion:
    It should indicate the action that the click would generate (in this case it should point upward to signify that by clicking on it, the window would go up)
  • I can’t say much cause I can’t enter the beta now, I have a lot of problems to get in the exchange, it was working better on the previous iteration of the exchange.

I don’t know why some pages aren’t loading properly, but i’m reading in the comments above that it’s something others are experiencing as well. Therefor, i’ll just give some feedback on the things that i can see so far!

1.) On the funds-page. There is a tab ‘‘transfers’’. I would prefer ‘‘transactions’’ or ‘‘transaction history’’.
2.) On the exchange-page. I would really prefer a landing page when you click on the tab, similar to that of binance. Mr_Belfort mentioned something similar in his comment 5 days ago and i fully agree with him.
3.) When you click on the ‘Market’ button, i find a simple list superior in clearity (with all the available trading pairs, current market price, 24h price movement and total market). I would prefer a lay-out similar to that of binance instead of al these separate boxes. It doesn’t look clean imo. Furthermore, I don’'t see the point in trying to fix something that isn’t broken. Binance has this pretty much covered, so why don’t we just learn from their lay out.
4.) I would suggest to add tabs for the most popular markets (e.g. Btc market, Eth market, Ltc market, neo market, etc). That way, people don’t have to search through all the possible trading pairs to find the market that they are looking for.
5.) At this moment, it’s not clear for me what the stars represent or what i can use them for.
6.) After a few minutes on the exchange, i was automatically logged out. I didn’t get a message that i was automatically signed out due to inactivity, and that i needed to sign back in if i wanted to use the exchange. It felt a bit strange/rude that the system didn’t told me what had occured and provide instructions what i needed to do from that point.

Well that’s all for now. I really like the overall lay-out of the exchange. Also, i’ve noticed you can zoom in/out of the chart. Very nice. I can see the team is working hard on all the iterations and it shows. I hope you find my feedback usefull. If I was unclear in my wording or if you have any questions, please contact me.

I’ll try to log in again tomorrow, to see if I can test the exchange in action.

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On behalf of Nash I would like to say thanks to our community for all the feedback, our MVP is fully defined in UX and features (a process known as Beta Freeze). We do not plan to run release candidates publicly.

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