What could bring a maximum of user to nash ? #viral effect #snowball effect #FOMO effect

“token streaming” … where token not their derivatives (iou’s) are required to be processed at high speed

@canesin :sweat_smile:

retail driven possibility:
Integrate with Shopify etc > reduced transaction fee to merchant (stable coin) > passed on to consumer at checkout>“Comparison websites” act as accelerant> more merchants adopt … up spiral

unwittingly, shoe shoppers are making purchases over DLT … just gotta get them to download the app at “checkout” and deposit funds. Think that’s possible with “faster payments” in Europe

prob should add some kind of extra incentive NFT’s rewards

interesting u could probably go a bit nuts here with rewards at a very low cost to production using DLT … and easy to verify which account should be rewarded through influencing purchases

maybe even have ad rewards like BAT hooked in

screw it just become an online ~ Market place/ Bank/ Payment processor/ Investment platform/Social media platform lol

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If relevent to Nash the distribution of a digital dollar … would be insanely fortunate

Once fully understood I think we’d all benefit from a response to this info from the team

Libra also has a barrier in terms of the amount of money it requires to become a Libra partner.

Many projects will come to Nash to be listed in time, I’m sure. I don’t personally think Nash will have to hunt them out.

Some of the upcoming listings are BTC, BCH, LTC and DOGE. Other projects will also be listed in the midterm, such as DASH.

We will have to wait and see how this develops. Since Nash is a regulated and compliant exchange, I’m sure it will be among the first to offer access to such digital national currencies.

“DOGE” :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: Yes LIBRA it would be great even if it is expensive. You have to stand out! moreover the technology is surely ahead of the other dex but the most important for the basic user is the simplicity of use. You have to look at the side of N26 they are ahead of the competition.

Hey guys :slight_smile: wild times aye …!?

Shocked to learn that you need to be a “Partner” to interact with Libra

I think Neo has some similarities to Libra through Tendermint … which would be fortunate considering Nash’s familiarity

Hope this is of some use:

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Expert opinion

“The draft House language around digital dollars is not likely to make it into the actual legislation. It also needs shaping, and ideally would make it clear that the Board of Governors and Treasury would be empowered to work with private sector actors to execute this in a POC with a focus on advancing the US adoption of digital currency and blockchain technology. As it reads now, the legislation is likely to just mean that they are authorized to send money through PayPal.”

It’s time to shine, ambassadors. @canesin https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1242553658195271681?s=20


If Nash can maintain a more secure API system and 24 hour up-time … I could see an Instinet type business play by connecting Institutions .

a move in to equity markets would really look a lot like Instinet 2.0 play

Thanks for the link, going to help raise awareness on this, even if I am not an ambassador :slight_smile:

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Get on to the end of this article. prob dont need numbers just need our comments on the top

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This vitalik is a trickster … He never responds to nashers :sweat_smile:

Well he is an advisor at Kyber Network… It makes sense that he wouldn’t :smile:


these guys provide all the liquidity to the whole defi space… and receive 99% of the fees .

they run the defi liquidity pools the exchanges … the lending and liquidating
"muh defi "

its a septic tank of total Bullsheet

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that but kyber offers a solution that works well after the fees may be more important with them than with nash … We absolutely have to show our lead on BTC. In addition, nash is open or will be open to other networks than erc20. Now is the time to act!


I just have a question for the team why focus on Europe and the USA (with the difficulty of obtaining licenses) when the biggest market and very far away is Africa, India, asia south america …?

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