What could bring a maximum of user to nash ? #viral effect #snowball effect #FOMO effect

what do you think will make nash successful?

I thought staking would be the trigger, but I think I was wrong. I thought the lottery would do this, but I was wrong again. Btc trading? it shows the quality of the exchange and its special side but I do not think it is the trigger.

For exemple :

  • Coinbase it was its simplicity

  • Binance was his big list of available tokens, his speed and his neo staking

:thinking: and if it was his community …

A snowball effect will come when volume slowly goes up for quite some time.
The trigger to that volume will be bugs fixed and adding bitcoin together with other coins with some liquidity, maybe some UI improvements as well, in my opinion.

Coinbase was simplicity, binance the speed and tokens available. Nash has the huge pro of being a DEX that feels like a CEX in user friendlyness, yet does not suffer from the negatives that are associated with DEX’s. Currently though, there are quite some buggy things that prevent people from fully trusting their funds to trading on Nash, and the most important coin of all is missing- bitcoin.

Let’s hope they can deliver this all by end of March!

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ill lay one up:

How many exchanges are operating now in a non-compliant fashion?.. i dunno 99%?

How many will be able to make the changes to come in line with EUR AML and FATF guideline?.. maybe 30 % ?

tl;dr… a shitcoin casino mass extinction event could drive adoption of NASH

  1. Dozens of different tokens listed (I’d say 40 minimum, no preference).
  2. Strong launch with sustained daily volume of a few mil, which makes NEX staking look very enticing.
  3. A trading bot for nash (which I’m assuming is safer than a typical CEX trading bot, due to the MPC APIs?).

Once we have those 3 things, I’d say nash is in a very good position for user adoption. At that point you can approach friends and say “hey, look at this trading bot, look at this staking dividend page, look at this bullet point list of what makes nash vastly superior to other exchanges, and why storing your assets using their wallet is so much better than using traditional bank account.” And then just leave them to ponder and make their own decision; maybe they’ll approach you later for more info.

This would make the sales pitch almost effortless, whereas currently - at least from my experience - it’s next to impossible to get people interested in nash (the non-crypto users are blisfully ignorant, and those acquainted with the crypto space are married to other tokens already). Big dollar signs tend to grip people’s attention, as well as witnessing other people’s success; so being able to point out an entirely legal, safe, and non-scammy opportunity to potential new users would be a big help.

I look forward to being able to help onboard new users by means of demonstration, by simply existing as a user of nash and thereby a testament to how great it is. If nash is simplifying and greatly improving your life, people around you will notice, and you won’t have to go out of your way to convince anyone of anything. You can only help those who are receptive to it, and they need to be the ones who seek you out; unsolicited advice isn’t wisdom.


Running a trading bot on Nash is safer primarily because you control the keys to your funds and are not relying on a CEX to custody them.

The APIs serve a different purpose. One of the uses of MPC allows us as users to grant certain permissions to an API key e.g. no withdrawals, as opposed to full control over everything like you’d get with a full private key. Whilst permissions for API keys is almost ubiquitous on CEXs, the CEX ultimately has control over the API and can (theoretically) restrict or grant permissions whenever they like. There are also a few security issues with APIs on CEXs. This has never been accomplished on a non-custodial exchange which is why it’s so great.

I think the security improvement you’re referring to re MPC is for user imposed withdrawal limits which is a separate feature to the APIs.


I’ve never built an API and have a hard time visualizing how it would tie into an MPC wallet, but yeah, imposing withdrawal limits is what I was alluding to. Being able to disable withdrawals on the API key a bot is using to access your account is something I’m excited to see, and with a reasonable number of trading pairs I can’t see why anyone who runs bots would prefer a CEX over nash.


yeah u guys are on point with the API line

Nash could be some type of liquidity pool other exchanges “dip” in to at significantly reduced risk.

why use 0x as a liquidity pool aggregator ? when u can just plug and play with Nash and dont bother having to shore up a tonne of 0x tokens (risk) - also additional intermediary cost no one wants to pay

if we have deep enough books we could be the go-to for bulk buying

prob not large volume of users but large volume trades


The only reason anyone would use a bot on a CEX after these developments, is because they are being given preferential treatment by that exchange e.g. super low fees, being allowed to front-run etc


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Let all people understand that this in Nash DOESN’T HAPPEN


Are you sure about this? It’s been like that for Nash for many months already.

I agree. This is for sure my biggest point why I would recommend Nash. Having that peace of mind that you can always move / spend funds, at all time, from within a trading environment. Instantaneous.
Without the worry of maintenance, system overloads and without having to understand wallet designs or other technical ledger-blockchain-stuff. Also that I can choose my own insurance provider(s) protecting me from my own los of funds.

You expected an overnight perfect solution? C’mon @kazanchev, we know you know better. Trolling isn’t constructive :wink:

My first support ticket on this issue was on 27.09.2019. Then about 10 tickets after that. 6 months have passed already and we are still there.

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Ill toss another one up …

        **put/call** options on bitcoin spot prices... 

Requires: ATS/OTF/MTF licences

think with Puts n’ Calls u’d need to have the issuer deposit USDC/BTC to a channel

Need issuers tho… im sure there would be buyers

@redk check this out:


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cool interesting … never thought of it… but yeah

Is the above possible (from my post) u think ?

Decentralised options are definitely possible and currently being worked on by a number of teams.
There are even more exotic things in the works such as https://powswap.com which offers Bitcoin hashrate derivatives.
This is just the start!

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Cool man … black swan protected wallets @Nash

just day dreaming … but hell yeah id buy in to that … unfortunately the stress on the exchange would be insane

shorting the hash rate might be a solid form of synthetic insurance …

Here’s another one for you :

Libra failed to create a muti-currency stable coin… but Nash could actually complete this vision .

          NashPay> **ETF** > Gold token / BTC / Libra / Euro-coin 

Basically uve created Nash Global Coin

so yeah Nash could offer a bundled ETF containing these products above … which are spendable thru NashPay fiat conversion.

Needs securities licences :roll_eyes:

additional :slight_smile:
Bot Trading Marketplace / subscriptions
Dividends (obviously)

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