What could bring a maximum of user to nash ? #viral effect #snowball effect #FOMO effect

Now we can do marketing;) You can never get better advertising.

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I was about to post it. The first mention of Nash from Vitalik!


Sorry… First :sweat_smile: :wink:

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No problemo. Actually all this thread started from my post above. :wink: I am glad we have a great community that took this chance to tell the world about Nash.


@canesin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: All eyez on you !


I can imagine that the founders first consult :wink:

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it’s a good idea for the redesign of the nash widget ; )


I hope we don’t miss this chance now …

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Yes great shill game guys :slight_smile:

damn a few rogue comments on that thread tho

heating up

I would be happy if @canesin could tell us whether Vitalik has contacted him. :blush: :upside_down_face:


Be nice to be able to leverage some exposure from it …
wonder what services Nash could bring to further Eth foundations interests ?

with our various characteristics i suppose we could supply the requirements of counterparty trades within uniswap… helping to mitigate the slippage/liquidity issues.
suppose Dai/Eth would be key there.

our liberal stakeholder model could be a means to reduce the fees incurred in securing liquidity

from both a security/transparency/ideological standpoint we would be proffered over the use of CEX’s

theoretically we are prob the best option for foundations to rebalance their fiat/crypto reserves… especially if they are providing support

or Nash is just competition worth investigation (compliment in itself )

why isn’t uniswap and co doing cross-chain atomic swaps (been done by others) ?
^^ i feel if u figure that out u’ve figured out the crux of it all

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I think we have to wait for licencing to list DAI otherwise we’d have done so already. Maybe someone can confirm…?

I think one message we need to get out there is that Atomic Swaps are inherently slow and vulnerable to front running, something Nash’s provably fair distributed matching engine addresses. Nash may prove to be the most secure & fair way to trade, if that becomes the message and is backed by Vitalik and others Nash will really start to take off.

In Andreas’s recent talk at Blockstack’s Summit he talks about an inter-operable future where all chains can transact anonymously and trustlessly he references polkadot, cosmos etc… As far as I understand there’s no way for any of those chains to solve the front-running & order-matching problem in a fair way. Nash has already built exactly what he’s talking about with the exception of KYC requirements, decentralised listing and making the matching engine’s nodes truly distributed/decentralised. Nash isn’t quite at the “can’t be evil” ideal Andreas is pointing at but we’re closer than anyone else to actually building something that is provably fair and trustless.


I dont think ur gonna get Vitalik or Eth on-board without furthering their agenda … and theirs currently seems to be the removal of all middlemen.

Ideological concessions may be made if “one hand washes the other”

I would def be wary of sending any anti atomic swap messages … i would do the complete opposite

im not saying i dont agree with u in principle but strategically … :slight_smile:

yeah i believe DAI was off the cards … but legal perspectives can change overnight i guess

interesting topic !

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Binance card … it all seems so pointless . nothing is being achieved here other than silo’d agendas.

Using USD-C …wallets could do so much more in the way of payments! and furthering DLT adoption…
first i’d like to present a few ideas of how DLT wallets can simply exist in an analogue payment world and then throw out a few ideas how we can thrive through Consumer & Merchant adoption

1) Customer payment adoption
A) Integrating with analogue (below)
Customer ID > Tokenised debit card > Fiat Treasury account> Payment over traditional POS terminals
~ This is not the end goal but an analogue “patch”
~A great payment app/wallet would use NFC and QR codes in conjunction with USD-C not plastic cards.

B) Remaining in DLT (below)
~Global, cheaper ,faster , non-custodial p2p payments between friends and family across different wallet apps using USD-C.
~ Various diasporas looking to repatriate money earned back to their families alone is a huge target market… one i thinks seriously underestimated.

2)Merchant payment adoption
USD-C’s Banking API’s and cheaper/faster settlement using an integrated wallet should reduce barriers whilst simultaneously increasing demand side forces. Adding payment gateway aggrigators like shopify etc would serve to widen the online retail niche

Merchants increase revenue due to reduced costs passed to customer…
In addition: Merchants help on-board a new demographic different than perennial crypto enthusiast!
consumers whos spending behaviours are heavily influenced by cost savings.
Might look like this :
go to check-out > see cheaper price> download wallet app> transfer fiat to USD-C>continue with payment>merchant can redeem or not
The consumer remains blissfully unaware that they have been assimilated :wink:

there will be a watershed moment in adoption when when the “fiat patch” will be used less and less and perhaps discontinued

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:triumph: :rage: the strategy of binance is to be the first or in the first to do something. Once the marketing has started, they really start working on the product … # COPY PASTE!

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maximum user? things like a mega shop or social ranking or dating (alibab pay) or another type of social platform (wechat) are needed. then hardly anyone will use cash anymore if you combine this.

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FYI im intentionally treating this as a spitball thread … if thats ok Billy ?
Ok this ones def getting imaginative

Insured trading smart contract
Alice deposits funds in contract>Bob delivers hand carved “thing” :joy:as per terms in contract> Alice signs contract > Nash releases escrow… protecting Bob from Alice trying to take receipt and withdrawing from contract simultaneously

~ benefits to using crypto
open multi stablecoin accounts without bank… accepting anything from gold -stock-bonds - global currencies as payment . no charge-backs… (u know the drill)

This has to be the end game for the NashTrade product… a reliable broker for exchange between physical and digital in crypto

The whole thing is automatic … on Nash’s side except when required to arbitrate if someone acts incorrectly. (as per conditions of contract)

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Thank you ! We need ideas from the community! We must bring this to life.

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man if i have an idea i just need to write it down or i forget it … its good to have a spitball thread!

yeah they’ll come back…:slight_smile:

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