Transfers getting stuck issue. How is progress, nash?

Good that its been a while since i heard someone complain about a deposit or withdrawal being stuck…
But could a nash employee please comment on progress on fixing this issue?

I asked during the ama as well and my question was not answered.
And since its been a while…
Would love to hear the progression being made to make sure this stops happening in the future.


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it says says they are working on it, in that tweet. They are since quite a while now.
I did not claim they are not working on it, so whats the problem asking for a update about this?

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Most of the issues with transfers have already been fixed. There is only a couple corner cases and a new backend service that will allow delegation of asynchronous communications, meaning: allow users to trigger a transfer and disconnect right after.


Thanks for the update! The new backend service is the permanent fix then i take, that was talked about a while ago?
Sorry for not fully understanding.

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Several different issues result in the same user facing issue: “stuck”, we are only working on definitive solutions for all those different cases. Yes, when the backend service is online the last piece will have been deployed for all the possible cases.


Is lowering the number of BTC confirmations part of GA requirements? Not saying it should. Just curious.

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much appriciated! Looking forward to seeing this bug get squashed once and for all.

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Do you have a timeframe for this?

Yesterday I had this issue while using my mobile trying to send BTC from trading contract to my personal account.Never had this issue before using my laptop or tablet.I logged off from my mobile and I successfully did the transaction using my tablet

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curious what the issue is. luckily this isn’t funds being stuck, so it is a other issue.
did you get options to try again?

I would recommend contacting to bring this to their attention so they can take a deep dive into this issue to help prevent this for others in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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Nope,it got stuck

No worries, I will share full details with the support team

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Then it should fall under the last of the things nash needs to fix, the backend service, i guess. Hope support gets you your btc back soon.
These issues cant get fixed soon enough😅
GA where are you!

Keep us in the loop of the issue Juanito!

My btc’s were stuck for a period of time.Once the transaction performed by my mobile Nash App failed . I used my iPad instead of my mobile and the transaction went through

I try to transfer BTC from personal account to trading account, it is pending since more then 2h alredy! what can i do?

you can continue to wait (maybe its just taking a long time since the BTC network is slow) or you can contact support and they will be able to help you.

I also tryed to send ETH from my trading account to my personal account. During the initializing process the Plattfom logged me out,… then i logged in and tryed again ,doesnt work, can not find it in the pending status,… BTC still pending,… but thx for your answer.

Yeah a new transfer system is being worked out that will solve this problem that you described. Hopefully that will be done soon. I would contact support.

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i did a response, thx agani for your help :+1:

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