The Nash launch program has begun – and we're offering $100,000 in BTC plus 46,000 NEX as prizes in our referral giveaway!

Great idea to require people to have a referral code to sign up.

Good luck in the draw everyone!

feel free to use :slight_smile:

Hi, please use my code if you need one and good luck.

All of them

@chris.fenwick is it possible for one person to win more than one prize? I had a look at the T&C’s and couldn’t find if there was a limit per entrant…

Many thanks and good luck everyone :nash_token: :crossed_fingers:


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Thanks for the reply @CryptoUK1

I guess i don’t have to worry because i don’t have enough tickets to win every prize anyway lol! I just hope it gets nicely distributed amongst the community.

it’ll be nicely distributed amoungst big youtubers/twitter/influencers … they are the only ones that can rack up 1000s of tickets. Will be interesting to see who wins, and chances are they will already be in benificial places already.

Hey guys, when will we be able to trade on NASH to activate the tickets for the giveaway?? How is the 25$ value is determine ? Is it the value of the asset at the time of the trade on NASH exchange? Thanks!!

We have until 17th of June, so probably the exchange will go Live when ready before 17th of June, and than you can activate your tickets…

Nash Referral Program Giveaway – Terms and Conditions

A ticket is valid if the person who generated it has the equivalent of 25 USD in their Nash portfolio at the moment of the draw. This includes assets in their personal wallet, trading account and active NEX stakes. Prices will be obtained from CoinMarketCap at the time of the draw, when we will take a snapshot of users’ balances and sort valid tickets from the pool of activated tickets. Using the example in (3), if D does not have a sufficient portfolio balance at the time of the draw, then the ticket A received from them will not be deemed valid, even if D has activated it by placing an order on the Nash Exchange.

Hi everyone,

just joined this awesome community. Any idea how i get my own referral code?

Hello everyone… so if i have understood, tickets will be actived when we will have access to the launch ? I’m new here…

Do u mean the draw? You must have $25 at least in your funds management during the draw in order to be considered for the draw. You should read the terms and conditions page for the draw.

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First you must create an account on nash: please consider using my referal link :slight_smile: Once you’re signed up, on the left there’s a “Referals” tab. Click on it and you’ll see your referal link!

@oldsport, Your head is already for 23 days on the top of community platform. I have to stop it :wink:


For those yet to sign-up, here is another referral code: 24oqJ5

:nash_token: :nash_token: :nash_token:

Wishing you all the best of luck in the giveaway. Happy holidays to never forget for someone in the Nash community :clap: and an exciting few months following launch for ALL of us. Can’t wait to just Nash it!

Finally the time has come, the hard work of the team will be rewarded. The community gets new members. So I use the opportunity and share my referral, maybe someone can use it Thank you

I was wondering if you win a price (and that is a big if) are you then able to see which tickets gave you that price? A few friends used my referral code and we agreed that if one of use is a winner, that we will split the price. But then I need to know what the winning tickets are.

That’s not how it works. Having more tickets just increases the probability that your address is chosen. There’s no link between specific tickets and the prize.

See the T&Cs, point 9:

Thanks. I was afraid that was the case when I read the terms and conditions. A well, we will see how it turns out. First I have to win something :joy: