The Nash launch program has begun – and we're offering $100,000 in BTC plus 46,000 NEX as prizes in our referral giveaway!

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At NEO DevCon today, we unveiled our new website and launch referral program. Nash Community members are among the first to receive seed codes for our referral program giveaway! The full exchange platform will go live in a private beta for Community members on 31 March 2019, shortly before the public product launch.

Users with a valid referral code can pre-register their Nash account before launch. They’re then able to share their own referral code to earn tickets for our giveaway draw.

The more people your refer, the more tickets you’ll earn and the greater chance you’ll have of winning a prize!

We’re offering the following prizes:

To thank the Nash Community for their support, we are giving every Community member a seed code for the referral program. These codes can be used once to pre-register an account and get the program running.

Check your private messages here to find your seed code!

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(Bit Surfer) #4

Awesome work guys! Great presentation ! I love @nashsocial $nex $nash Where to get the code ?

(.) #6

Great work ! Loved today’s presentation - let’s go !

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(Aisperwine) #7

wow, great presentation too many informations in short time :slight_smile:

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(Ovoxart) #8

So excited!, i guess we have to wait a bit to get our private messages.

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(Eric Smith) #10

Excellent presentation today, keep up the good work!

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(Leog) #11

Can’t wait for my refferal code and spread the word !!

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(Hatertots) #12

Nash is going to be huge, great presentation! Looking forward to referring people once I get my code!

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(Stroobants) #13

im ready for the code

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(Neogasrpx) #15

Please use my referral code by clicking below!

(Lhg) #16

I don’t know if this is allowed, but if you want to use my ref link I’d be very grateful: If not, please delete my message.

(Fvivif) #17

Guy’s i don’t think we should all share are codes here…

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(Lhg) #18

If this is not allowed, I ask to the team to delete my message.

(Michalisg) #19

Guys, where i can find the code? I signed up just when Fabio announced the contest

(Filipe) #20

Unlucky your ref code is not working neogasrpx

(Bit Surfer) #22

I got my code, i would be happy if someone register through it; thanks people :))

(Ant0ni081) #23 thats my link if anyone would be kind enough to use it :slight_smile: pass yours on as well once you make an account. Lets get the love sharing guys/girls. :smiley: