The Nash launch program has begun – and we're offering $100,000 in BTC plus 46,000 NEX as prizes in our referral giveaway!

We have written to the user(s) in question and deleted posts. If this behaviour continues, they will be banned.

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Good prizes, thanks

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Ah, that’s a shame. Because of an error (I’ve had contact about it with Claire recently) I just now activated my account. I will use a seed code of someone else… Who to pick, so many choices haha.

would love if you use mine MZdoGj

Don’t use @jignesbhai’s, use mine instead: A4Pf9H :joy:


@NEOGASRPX lets make a deal, anybody of us win anything we will share it :handshake: :sweat_smile:

try this


The best referral code is this one :

:nash_n: :nash_token: :heavy_check_mark:


Be a part fom #NASH community. Use the following code… to sign up for the @nashsocial giveaway! #TrustYourselves
Here is your code: ZreWUJ

:joy: :joy: :joy::joy:

Been following Nash Exchange/NEX ever since I first heard about it in 2017 during the Great Boom of December. This seems like a very promising project that could shape the future of the world of cryptos by introducing an easily accessible platform not just for traditional tokens, but most importantly, for the inevitable security tokens that are gaining traction. I believe there’s a strong possibility of security tokens bringing cryptos much more closer to mainstream adoption, in which Nash will play a significant role.

If someone doesn’t happen to have a code, please consider using mine:

Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

I thought it was a smart and fair idea to register for the Nash Exchange with the referral code of the previous poster in this topic :arrow_up: :+1:

So I did, with the referral code of user owl in the post above - I hope he/she gets lucky in the draw :star_struck:. And I hope someone will be so kind to sign up for the Nash Exchange using my referral code in the link below :sunglasses:

Thanks !

So @owl should be able to confirm he/she received 2 pending tickets, since I used his/her referral code. Don’t worry about the minimum portfolio balance of 25$: I’ll reach that limit easily once the exchange goes live :wink:

Good luck in the draw everyone ! :+1:

I can indeed confirm I’ve received extra tickets! :+1: Thank you for using my code, I hope you’ll attract future Nash users with yours!

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If it is really possible to get two, three tickets, then I would be very happy if someone uses my link. Thank you and congratulations to eule

I was wondering. If I have 55 valid tickets…each ticket can win meaning I could win Prize 1 & 3 or even all Prizes if I am very lucky?! Will there be a video shown of the prize draw?

That’s correct.

How to get activated ticket?

Please also use mine

Code is 68UeWT

Great idea to require people to have a referral code to sign up.