Referral program giveaway


Can someone please explain the referral program, i.e. is it strictly lottery based (random) or is it also based on the numbers of tickets you acquire.

I’ve seen in other topics that gaining tickets merely raises your chances of winning but if it is all random based I don’t understand the following point (from Terms & Conditions of the referral program) that suggests that having more tickets will give you a position in the list that corresponds to the reward list;

“For each prize, this large integer is divided modulo T, where T is the total number
of valid tickets for the draw. The resulting number gives a position in the sorted
list of participants’ email hashes, which corresponds to the winner of the prize.”

It is random. However, like a lottery, the more tickets you have, the greater chance you have of winning.

In our system, having lots of tickets means having multiple copies of your email hash entered in the draw list. This means that when a list position is chosen at random (using the division technique, which incorporates randomness via the Bitcoin blockhash), there is a greater chance that your address occupies the chosen position.


Who wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. places?

Each prize has its own salt. This is a code that is combined with the Bitcoin blockhash to generate a unique random number, used for selecting a winner from the draw list. This is explained in the terms and conditions.

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In theory, one person can win all prizes, right? Or is it limited to 1 prize per person?

In theory, yes.

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