Serum - new non custodial "DEX"

I hope that there is nothing wrong that I will create a theme with this name. This is not a shilling, but simply a desire to discuss this thing versus NASH.
Many famous characters in this area sing praises.

Everyone admires their promised speed (latency)
And somehow it’s a shame that almost no one in these discussions knows about NASH.

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Wrapped tokens, not the same.


The world is big and there is room for everyone. Good luck to that project but I know nothing about them and the tweets provided are 0 value for me at the moment.
#Nash is the future in my eyes, and after interacting with the community more, I have just straightened my position.
Good luck :handshake: #Nash :handshake:


I understand, and thats kinda the point. They have “pretty standard” tech, which is perceived by this community (by not last people in it) as something super innovative and super promising. And I don’t understand, it’s because of the coolness of Sam and co, that there’s such a huge interest around this project, or what? And thats why its kinda sad that nowhere is there a single mention of Nash in these conversations.


I see the crypto ecosystem as one big clique. One giant “you help me, I help you” mentality. Partnerships on partnerships on partnerships. Trading promotions, liquidity pools, exchange listings – the game is fixed, imo. It’s fixed against the average retailer who knows nothing.

For example, are you aware of crypto project boosters? A company that will build your project from scratch, including marketing, branding, followers (yes, fake moonbois), block chain architecture, and more? One example of this was Aphelion, the decentralized exchange that was first announced around the same time as Nash. It was found that they were using a company to build almost the entirety of their exchange. Their team had one Neo dev who actually knew his stuff, everything else about it was vapid. Not surprisingly, the “CEO” disappeared with everyone’s money.

What I’m getting at is that a good amount of the noise, praise and progress you see on social media is likely fabricated. Deals are made, money is exchanged, and projects are thrust into the limelight.

Nash goes ‘unnoticed’ because they’re not playing this game.

Are all projects/companies shady? Definitely not. There’s a lot of good work being done out there. But imo, whenever I see a new name pop up out of the blue – and it’s SOARING on CMC – …ehhhh, my kneejerk reaction is that there’s some tomfoolery going on.

I dunno. That’s my rant about why most new projects popping up don’t excite me much. They’re just not the real deal.

Edit: obviously if you’re a swing trader, there’s money to be made in anything. I prefer doing my homework and taking long positions. It’s less effort over the long run, and leads to being burned less often imo.


I understand what you are talking about, but it seems to me that this is not particularly suitable for this project, after all FTX is today one of the most “rapidly developing” cases (among centralized exchanges) and it is really of high quality.
And apparently in connection with this “reputation” the community by default perceives Serum as something breakthrough. And all of this is getting so much attention (and this is not fake attention, as in your example). And I’m again return to the fact that it is kind of sad that no one knows or speaks about NASH, and projects with more “average” technology are discussed as something brilliant.

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I agree with you @Lepych, sometimes is frustrating that Nash is not mentioned after all we do for the space and to our mission. We put “decentralized banking” in the road map and basically explained DeFi before that was even a word, same with digital securities and non-custodial trading. I don’t need to say that to our community - you guys know it - most of you were introduced on those concepts by Nash a couple of years ago.

That is repeated now with cross-chain low latency non-custodial trading. With the added detail that Serum is promising about 400ms of each order book update, add network delays and you are talking about 500ms order placement latency. That is 20x slower than Nash today.

We have also been pioneering most of the technology some continue to be promising to deliver in the future, and “pump” based on that. There are several reasons for perceived lack of attention in “crypto Twitter”, what @pplvee said is true and certainly not the case for all projects as you correctly put. Some things are also not self-excluding, average products willing to play a different game can get far in attracting retail investment - it is no surprise the fudders around Nash, somehow building honestly is “ill” seen in some crypto circles, the uninitiated think this is a “marketing” issue - it is not, there is no lack of awareness or branding. Is not like X crypto person didn’t seen our deck but Nasdaq and Forbes did.

We don’t participate in the “circle-jerk”, “pay-my-fee”, “my-allocation” club that doesn’t care about solutions provided but what they gain. There is genuine product people that is willing to participate in this because “it is the price to pay”. That is just not who we are. It is funny - Nashers have screamed Nash on some channels, I think that is great, the community should do it even more to the point their silence makes it look ridiculous.

Some will say that Nash cannot succeed because we don’t want to play this game - to those I will say that at the end of the day is the costumer choice that bring revenue to a sustainable business, not the next swing trade. If that is not true, than crypto is unsustainable. That is why we are crazy focused on the product. I hope our community is equally passionate about every quirk and improving our product experience. There is in crypto very few projects with real market fit (arguably none in DeFi so far) we need to make sure Nash becomes one, than it will be impossible to ignore and we at the team are ready to scream really loud that silence will be unbearable. But product first, while nashers are not in love with the product, we are not done - I am not talking about crazy new hypothetical features, but really being the pleasant go-to solution that is a joy to use.


As we’re clearly at the begging of the next bull-run (the next 18 months are most likely going up and to the right) I wouldn’t underestimate the value of at least paying once to play. Once fiat ramps are ready, new pairs are added and all pairs have decent liquidity (community generated or otherwise) I think it’s worth bringing more attention to Nash.
If Nash remains unnoticed while Bitcoin goes to $100k+ we’ll need to wait another 4 years for the next round of new users…
Binance giving away Tesla’s and Lambo’s while Bitcoin was on it’s way to $20k was a brilliant piece of marketing that paid for itself many times over.
I’m not sure as to which method of “Pay to Play” would be best however “Build it and they will come” isn’t going to be effective.
I share the community’s frustration when one of the faces of the “clique” tweets about a problem that Nash clearly solves, the community responds and Nash goes entirely unrecognised.
For someone like Andreas Antonopoulos it makes sense for him not to endorse Nash as he’s effectively anti-regulation.
But for someone like Trace Mayer he’s entire ethos is self-custody, for him to not endorse Nash is just hypocritical.

Either way there clearly needs to be a push once we hit GA and as I’m sure everyone already knows…

Timing is Everything


I even feel that there are forces which are blocking us from gaining traction. Also these need to be tackled.

We need a more credible ambassador like Andreas Antenapolis for a genuine review of the product, so that people will notice us.


You’ve made some lofty assumptions.

“Clearly at the beginning of the next bull run”

“…while Bitcoin goes to $100k”

I’m not going to argue for or against these statements, I just don’t think decisions should be made assuming they’re true.

Also, I thought some of the lambo/Tesla promotions were fake? They were never paid out or given to insiders?

I do agree that playing the game a little would pay off in spades. Getting the attention of someone prominent (Antonopoulos on his podcast Let’s Talk Bitcoin would be a boon). The community can only do so much compared to legitimate influencers in the sector. Without a big name, I feel like we just come off as zealots. With a famous spokesperson though, our claims become legitimized.


The risk here is in assuming they’re false, not promoting when the crypto space is drawing in new users due to increased attention from price appreciation would be very unwise. One could easily make the argument that we’ve already missed the beginning of the next trend (DeFi is basically the ICO boom 2.0) as Fabio stated Nash has been doing DeFi since before the term existed

The fact that not much has happened in terms of trading volume or NEX price appreciation is worrying, however this

makes me hopeful.


Very true. You’re correct on this :+1:


I’m not sure on the best way to play the game should the team decide to do so, my guess is an endorsement from one of the more legitimate faces in the space would be best (Andreas et. al.). Krakken and BlockFi’s sponsorship of Peter McCormack / What Bitcoin Did podcast has probably paid for itself a few times over, that type of sponsorship is another option.

Just for fun here’s the maths for giving away a lambo
Current unstaked NEX is ~36million so giving one away would need to generate ~$250 million for it to pay for itself (excluding whatever taxes and delivery costs are required)


Listing elrond few weeks after mainnet will give nash some advantage and will help attract a lot of new users. Nash Cash hopefully will help more and assuming eth network will not be much congested which might affect some users. A couple of tesla would be nice if revenue generated is higher with some elrond trading competition :grin:

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It wasn’t always the case … It was the most popular project in 2018 by crypto influencers and media . He was everywhere in the top 3 and very often 1st in the rankings. I think technically Nash is going in the right direction, I am sensitive to the philosophy of the team and we still have a strong community even if it has not grown much in these many months. I have the vision of a room filled with gas at the slightest spark it will explode. It’s up to you @canesin to bring this spark :boom: :bomb::flight_departure:

@CypherInvestor nobody in the team believes or has ever believed in “build it and they will come”, I don’t know were that is coming from - do you think all the exposure Nash got on mainstream and crypto media in establishing its brand and community is organic? There is a immense amount of work to do that. What I meant is that we will not do the push to win crypto Twitter - but to acquire and retain actual platform users. There is a few companies that people love to hate but they continue to grow because they have real fit to their segment of the market, Coinbase and Binance are very different examples.

We have always been crystal clear with investors from day one - NEX idea is to share the benefits of building a company with the community, to pay dividends. Not to do the next pumped governance token that we sell at the market for personal gain.

Yes @BILLYBELT2018, the world is not black-and-white and nor is crypto-industry. It is many shades of grey, and there is good people that share the vision and there is good people that need more incentives as well. We can press a few buttons, that we have pressed in the past more than once and can do it again, I am not afraid Nash will lack exposure. Is just that we will not engage on this rampant use of disinformation campaigns to fake usage or promote meaningless vanity metrics to investors.


There are three simple things missing on nash that most exchanges have from the start… these things, because they are not there immediately turn people away or cause them to question the initiative.

In my view this is their loss…

1. NEX on Nash - Listing of the native exchange token is a no brainer, will being immediate volume and add to credibility. Average punters have no interest in understanding the regulatory reasons why its not there and immediately conclude this as a negative and walk away

2. Trading pairs - Adding additional pairs from the top 10 or 20 by volume vs a stable coin, eth and btc is a no brainer. Again, people new to nash do not care for the complex reasons why they are not listed… BCH, LTC, DASH etc? I saw these on a list at some point in the past.

3. Fiat on / off ramps - We all know why this is delayed. New comers and average punters do not care that regulators are painful to deal with at the best of times.

For those of us out of the loop on internal activity, we can only hope that serious and dramatic effort is being spent closing gaps on these points.

Final note - much good work has been done which we all recognise. Enjoy seeing the weekly code drops. This is reassuring and provides evidence to the community of sustained efforts behind the scene. Keep it up!


It’s just that in crypto, Twitter is probably the number one platform for “spreading” information. Nobody talking about the fact that we want cheap PR, announcement of partnerships and spamming to people other “meaningless vanity metrics”. It’s just about the fact that NASH seems to be so unknown for the “huge” number of people from this community, which can be converted into that very real user base.And this particular example with Serum is indicative, when the whole community is discussing this project as something super new and innovative, and NASH remains invisible to all these people. And I do not agree that trying to be “more recognizable” for them is cheap PR and an attempt to attract investors with dubious methods,
It just doesn’t seem quite "fair (funny word for crypto space) when you see all this stuff happening, and Nash doesn’t get any traction.


Great to hear, Nash has been quieter than other projects with worse tech so it can appear that the focus is more on building than selling (not necessarily a bad thing when you’re still building the foundation).

This is most likely the correct approach, at the end of the day active users are everything to any platform Crypto or otherwise, as mentioned above the lack of recognition from the bigger names in the space is what’s frustrating the community, Nash literally provides the solutions they’re asking for and they seem to refuse to acknowledge that, having ties to other projects is an obvious dis-incentive for them…

It’s my understanding that Nash fits both of these market segments (pending the things @Sundryitems mentioned above)

In my opinion this is what makes Nash the greatest company/community/platform/investment opportunity since Bitcoin in '09 and Ethereum in '14

@Sundryitems liquidity/volume on all pairs as a fourth item would also help, there’s something that’s unassuring about seeing inactive markets when you visit for the first time, it gives an impression like “Wow they have all these awesome features, but why is no-one trading?”, upcoming liquidity mining should solve that though.

The addition of Kellogg Fairbank to the team is very confidence inspiring, looks like some serious growth is right around the corner.


I hate to say it guys but i am under the impression that the best thing crypto was able to accomplish so far is to build clunky & funky services doing everything on chain so people can use them from all over the world without doing any KYC or worry about trading limits ^^
( for now )

So now that the chain is clogged and the fees skyrocketed, someone just had to build the same on a different chain that is faster and some tweets came along, great ^^

There is much exploration happening atm around various things and it’s a good thing.
KYC is coming on the wallet level also soon, that might actually change everything regarding DeFi but let’s see :slight_smile:

All in all people are thirsty for open finance and eliminating the middle man as much as possible, liquidity wise, pairings wise, trading fees wise, governance wise etc and it’s a good thing.

Nash is actually in the right direction all along since day one :smiley:

We all know custodial exchanges are going away for various reasons and non custodial exchanges have already started doing some serious volumes with all the DeFi boom lately.

There are no non custodial exchanges doing cross chain trading BTC included yet on the market and no real signs of coming soon with the speed, compliance and added perks nash is already offering today and more soon to come.

Don’t get me wrong i like crypto but from a normal person perspective all this just doesn’t make sense and the crypto community is really tiny x)

So nash is targeting real world businesses in order to offer them payment solutions via nash pay, think of it like the next PayPal :slight_smile:

And traditional traders in search of a non custodial exchange with a regulatory framework they can work with ^^

So you tell me how exactly that type of people go along with our usual crypto twitter croud ?