What next product development you would like the most?

Hi all! Bring in all nashers - your family and dog to vote in this poll!

All the services bellow are thought to bring value back to NEX holders! So do your best to don’t be biased about that :wink: . What I mean is: don’t try to wonder about the possible effect on some metric (like volume), that is a myopic view of Nash, please reply what would be the feature with the greatest usefulness for yourself.

Which development you would like to use next in Nash the most?

  • Options trading
  • Interest on savings
  • Liquidity mining

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Note, this is what you would like to use next.


Options trading = is the addition of non-custodial decentralized (like everything Nash does) options trading.

Interest on savings = is a service where users deposit funds to smart contracts to earn interest on the deposit.

Liquidity mining = is a open incentive program for anyone providing liquidity. Not necessarily locking funds in a pool like Uniswap.


“Results will be shown once closed”. Nash team learns quickly :innocent:

Loving those quick polls!


Is it possible to have futures on Nash?

I’m not sure, but is the futures gives any liqudity?


Option 1 & 3 both will be great. Personally at this point of time I would love to have liquidity mining. Will bring much needed liquidity along with volume. Options trading can be added later on.


Oh my, all three would be amazing!


All of them !


I voted for one but if I know something about #Nash, is that all of them are going to be done :white_check_mark:
This is how the winning is done :muscle:
And #Nash are the winners for me.
Thank you :handshake:


liquidity mining is the priority for me, Interest on saving in a second time and option trading after the others two products


We should probably refrain from mentioning what we voted for.

  • I like the “Interest on savings” because of the implied simplicity and familiarity, so it would probably be the most utilized of the three and provide value to the largest amount of users.

  • I’m thinking the use of “Liquidity mining” would be inversely proportional to the difficulty of the setup required. If this were a service that Nash provides and runs on its own (or a partner’s) servers - thus not requiring the user to run it on a local PC or VPS - then in that case I think far more people would make use of it, again increasing the collective value it provides.

  • “Options trading” sounds like a fancy and novel addition that a lot of users could play around with, and many would probably get their hands burned? I feel like it has good long-term potential, but I’m dubious about the short-mid-term value it would provide to users; how many among us partake in options trading? If mass adoption takes place, and a few thousand average individuals, unfamiliar with crypto, on-ramp into bitcoin on Nash for their very first time, are they going to say: “Ohh, interest on savings!” or: “Ohh, options trading, my favorite!”?

I’m not very familiar with options trading, so I would find it intriguing and likely press buttons just to see what happens. I hope I get the opportunity to do that at some point. Options trading also sounds the most complex, but is that really the case? Wish I knew which ones would require the most and least time to develop; if one required twice as long to develop and implement as the other two, that’d change my opinion.


All 3 in this order please;
Liquidity > Savings > Options
Liquidity everyone’s doing it, time for Nash to jump on the bandwagon (don’t want to miss yet another trend).
Savings Celsius, Nexo & BlockFi are all custodial and ripe for disruption, I’ve got plenty sitting on the sidelines that I’m not selling until the end of next year, it’d be great to earn some interest on those savings.
Options FTX, BitMEX & Deribit are also ripe for disruption, however chasing options volume without first having significant spot volume is putting the cart before the horse.


liqudity mining because it would have very less regulatory hurdles compared the other 2.


How about lightning network integration? The BTC fees will surely rise as adoption increases, better be prepared for that.

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If we think of nash as a non custodial one stop solution for digital wealth management I think a saving product would be the one that attracts the most users.

Would like to see all of them :wink: Since it’s single option voting, I’ll go with liquidity mining to catch that hype wave.

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So @rahil, @Hitesh, @bhawani and many others. As I talked before about this byasses in the data of this public surveys - is because of this that we don’t use those to drive decision making but conduct segmented surveys for that. The question here is what “you would like to use next”, when you vote with hypothesis like “it would have less regulatory hurdles” or “this will bring more volume” or “catch that hype wave” you are bringing noise into the survey data about the goals of itself and adding uncertainty on that outcome (if this was indeed used to decision making around road map). So we use this public surveys to collect community perception instead.

Please don’t take this reply as a critique, that is a genuine natural response and I saw many others discuss this same topics on the Telegram channel before voting. I am just trying to bring to the table those things so our community becomes more aware of it.


Do i really need to pick just one? All three of them are really good. So hopfully they´ll all come along eventually :slight_smile:


liquidity mining is the best! thats should be the main focus!!