Sandbox feedback thread

its also like that on YOUTUBE dark mode. if google dont make it, can we?

I am not sure, I like what they have now, more because the blue give to much attention and it shouldn’t. the orders are prio number 1

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I’d like to post a quick reminder about password+2FA prompt when trading. It’s very painful and detrimental to the whole trading experience: it feels urgent enough to require fixing before GA and such a feedback has been given for months now. I wonder why it’s still there.

(Moreover, at the moment there is a glitch - some sort of fullscreen blink - when this happens. Removing the prompt would fix it altogether…)


Every time I switch between light and dark mode I get this “Terms & conditions” popup.

As of this morning, when I transfer USDC, it vanishes :flushed:

N.B: 35.78+8.63+6.59=51

Trying to limit sell ETH for BTC, the order is simply ignored. No network nor console errors.

Here are the conditions I’m trying to sell for:

EDIT: same for the NEO/ETH pair, whereas this was working yesterday (I still have orders open).

at what point its safe close/logout nash ?

If you close Nash or sign out, it will be paused until you sign in again.

Is it not clear?

I guess the first part of the sentence is a bit misleading, since you don’t get a visual feedback of when your transfer has finished initializing… Is this what you meant?

Yes. I was watching that popup that said “transfer initializing” to see any change in status. I personally just closes the window and see in transfer tab transaction completes momentarily.

I was trying to see from that message perspective, at what point of time its safe to close / sign out nash. I believe there is no visual/text indicator right now.

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i transferred all btc to trading, not sure why this message "Please wait while we confirm … "

On initial transfer clicking max first time shows error and second time shows no error (same repeats). i believe this was reported before.

I was wondering if team can list the accepted (or rejected) bugs/suggestion in a public repository like github or even as a list in (if it makes sense) , it will give an idea to community what the status of the issue is , and if it needs to be reported again

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Warning disappears for 5.01 USDC. I feel like it would be more natural to make the condition not strict (≥) instead of strict (>).


My order book keeps blinking. Meaning that all orders disappear for around 1s.

I’m guessing this happens when it updates, but it updates all the time (it is an order book…) so it’s very bothersome.

My order book keeps blinking .

This has been happening to me as well.

Market orders of your entire balance still display as partial (99%, see last trade).
When the market order is executed with a fraction (>100%) of your total balance, then it fills entirely - as expected (see second to last trade):

I wouldn’t classify this as critical, but it’s definitely going to raise questions.

Looking at my “Orders” tab, here’s what I see:

Both market buy orders of BTC with USDC appear as market sell orders of USDC for BTC.
Moreover both appear as partially filled at 99%…

This is not a bug and will stay as this. What happens here is there is a small amount (0.000001 in this case) that could not be fulfilled in integer pieces within the asset precision between the prices matched. So not everything could be matched.

Example: Asset A and B has precision 0.00000001 , price is 0.0036555 A/B, you want to buy A using 10 B. This would give you 2735.603884558 but the asset precision can only be up to 2735.60388455 … so this piece cannot be matched and you will have a partial match of 99.99% but not totality.

Of course in practice is a bit more complex as there can be multiple prices with varying quantities matched in a single market order but this is the gist of it.

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You’re saying CEXes - who use a regular database - are able to round up by ignoring the 0.000000008, whereas Nash cannot do this on a chain?

If so, that’s understandable but still not intuitive to the average user. Maybe a special tooltip could be displayed when partial fill is greater than 99.99%. Something like “Order filled completely according to best possible precision.” (or simply display 100% and keep the precision details for the “Trades” tab)

How do you explain that the second to last trade shows up as 100% filled in trading view orders panel but only 99% in “Orders” tab?
How about the second part of my post (orders showing “the other way around)?

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CEXs in crypto normally just “give you” this small thing that you will never be able to have (so in practice they accumulate this thing in their assets) or don’t give it to you but take all the value of the market order.

If you look into your sell print of the USDC market you can notice this better, since USDC precision is 6 decimals only (vs 8 or 18 as usual).

More professional exchanges (normally not available to public, i.e. CME desk or ErisX) do like we do in the matching.

One option could be to just show more precision on the percentage like “99.99%” and on the orders tab or a “filled” instead of 100% or if >99% for market orders … what about that ?


>99% | F with a “Filled” tooltip would be an improvement over current situation I believe, yes.


I’ve been getting a loading spinner every time I place an order:

I mean, I understand that it needs to load but the loading animation could be shown in the Buy button while leaving the rest as is until it’s finished. No need to remove all the elements while loading.

Also, the graph labels on the Y-axis are stretched as you can see.