Sandbox feedback thread

Let me first start by saying that @canesin feel free to lock or remove this thread and create a new one if you feel it’s relevant. Right now sandbox feedback is split among many threads and hard to follow.

Two sandbox feedbacks I have right now:

1/ This is a very nice touch, love it!

Warns you in the tab title when you’re about to get signed out.

2/ Please could we have some funds in the sandbox to test transfers? :rocket:


sandbox need a reset. not workin properly

@kazanchev Replying here.

Thanks :smile: 2MuLu1h43oodYY7gYaMG6YEeT4Unq52bDWf

Here’s ETH as well if you have spare ETH/ERC20 tokens 0x291Ee42CfbF4dB4bf80aE68C00409c7094127F8B

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Now I see this:

So do I.

They’re probably busy with Production maintenance.

Transfer modal and funds are back!

Transfer modal has a little misalignment issue…

Clicking “Send” will result immediately in this modal:

So no more wait and clicking “Submit transfer” again and again!

I guess my only feedback would be: it would be great if the “Transfers” spinner was replaced by a success icon when the transfer ends, whereas this doesn’t seem to be the case. It keeps spinning even after your tokens have arrived. However, maybe this is just technically not feasible…?


It’s glithcing. It keeps sending me coins. Again and again.
BTW have you seen this?

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lastest updates are unstable

Yes, glitching here too.

No I haven’t seen this! Let me try again.

It’s gone when a transfer initializing is over.

Nice! Does it “complete” with a nice animation? :slightly_smiling_face: (I can’t try because transfer modal isn’t loading right now).

I mean you can see this on every page.

Yes, I see that (it’s part of the top bar which is visible everywhere). I’m just wondering if it just disappears when the transfer is done or makes some kind of visual feedback to catch your attention and notify you.

I only saw this once and it just dissapeared. Now it doesn’t want to go away even after all the transfers are done.

I noticed if you are in the split sells and buys mode, if there are too many ‘sells’ the bottom number gets cut off as shown below.

Glad to see that … good call team

Not sure if it’s meant to behave this way, but on the sandbox, the top-right “Transfers” spinner disappears before funds have been successfully moved:

If it’s not possible to track the actual transfer progress, I would rather remove the top-right spinner than leave it as is, since it could give the false impression that funds have arrived.

Otherwise it’s great but as stated above, I would at least morph the spinner into a green check icon (or even better add a subtle animation to catch the user’s attention).

Maybe I spoke too fast: after watching the BTC/USDC pair, it appears market orders become unavailable only when the order book is completely empty:

As mentioned in the other thread, it’d be nice to disable market orders as long as the following condition is not met:

  • cumulative liquidity from last traded price (LTP) to 20% above/below LTP is below a certain threshold

Alternatively, warnings could also do the trick.

Major issue:
Initiate usdc & eth transfer:

then trade page and back to transfers page. Suprise ETH transfer disapear

then my eth balance seems to be gone in nature:

after that tried btc transfer still stuck in pending but no tx shown in transfer:

Maybe btc tx is in pending trasnfer as asset page say. What about eth? bugs in trading page vs asset page

SO the transfer / assets / Trading (available balance) need to be in concordance.
Trading (available balance) pop up to say x amount is processing by blochain like in asset page


Nash logo: when you are in trade one click send u to fund. the inverse will be great: When portofolio go to trade

Auto Sign out disable if transfer initiated; If not default time

It’s indicating initiaziling process of transfer (“Sumbit a request” button) not the end of transfer itself.