Sandbox feedback thread

I believe he means that icon and text are misaligned (in the badge).


The issue which I reported last week still remains in the sandbox when I tested few minutes ago. The Cancel button against the order (X) doesn’t show up when I place a second order after cancelling my first which was partially filled

Edit - Refreshing the page solved the issue. However this needs a fix to show up the cancel button the moment we place the order


they are fixing all issue that we have report. a lot of i reported are fixed.
they proceed by priority.

Can we get a marker with the date in the recent trades box when a new day starts? That is have it show in the order book like it does on Switcheo eg:


It’s not enough to have just the time for markets with hardly any trades happening because it gives you the time of recent trades however the last trade could have taken place days ago.

Difficult to tell what days the trades took place on without going through the chart to figure it out which is annoying:


Petty from me. But the little details count…
2019 all rights reserved on the account activation emails.


The year indicates the creation of the copy. No need in updating it.
But they might as well just remove the entire phrase, since all rights are reserved by default:

The phrase “All rights reserved” is often used in conjunction with a copyright notice. Today it has no legal significance. In copyright law, by default all rights are reserved; nothing may be done with a copyrighted work without explicit permission. The phrase was a required element from the 1910 Buenos Aires Copyright Convention.


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Scrollbar fix is in sandbox:

Light mode:

Dark mode:

cc CSS fix for native scrollbars (windows)

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If detecting when transfers end is possible, it would be nice to live update transfer statuses in the “Transfers” tab as well.

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Nice catch by @Dennis:

It looks like the scroll bar was removed from the pair selector dropdown. This might be an issue in Production.

alignment issues:

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might be to do with the prices mate ^^^^ kind of low at times.

once are done with this is will be straight in to Nash Pay next :slight_smile:

Ok im a convenience guy not super discerning about price … just want in and out of the app.
the most painless way i interact with NASH is this…
ii go to exchange page immediately >add the funds to contract via clicking the available balance 0.00 ( i might leave funds in the state channel for days and days if permitted>market buy or sell (best price program )

i might use transfers to impatiently check whats going on especially with BTC.
i might want quick access to send / receive page immediately

anything that gets in the way of those simple steps gets in the way of my “user experience”
I just want in and out… i wonder … i suppose u can monitor everyones “clicks”

im a convenience guy… prob someone u could make money off especially with nash pay .

orders tab not getting refreshed , new values displayed on switching tabs with trade history
(update :: i see new orders getting displayed after a few seconds delay … may be its just a matter of getting used to this delay)

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it may have been discussed before… can’t switch to BTC/USDC from trade tab

horizontal gradient look cheap.
i like this style vertical gradient and thick bar 6px

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work for me

I don’t understand why there’s even a need for scrollbars at all - it just adds unnecessary clutter.
I really like the implementation on Coinbase Pro - no scrollbars required.


Interesting point of view. On my startup’s app, we have custom scrollbars on hover. In my very personal opinion, I find it to be the best combo.

That being said, I think the most urgent need was to replace default scrollbars which look horrible on Windows. The rest is basically a nice-to-have.


I’m sorry but I had to make a comment: I find this absolutely horrendous. How about a sparkling rainbow cursor while we’re at it? :crazy_face:

switching pairs stopped initially, then stopped working after submitting few orders (the issue only happened for certain pairs)… not a blocker, as it works again coming back from other screens

of course its minor ui remarks. better to have eth transfer workin’ than this.
And my exemple was for thickness and gradient propriety not for color.
Color are personal relative :smirk:.

i redesigne it for you :innocent:

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Why ?