Sample MM TypeScript bot

Hi guys, I made a simple market maker bot in TypeScript to replace previous demo with Python:

This is not the bot project we are working on. That is a more generic workflow and user friendly solution. This one is quite limited for now, but I want to expand it a little bit more during the week/weekend so that anyone can run it for their beloved projects.

(PS: this is a 3am end-of-day code so very rough for now - just putting it here so the community can jump on it).


Thanks for posting. :nash_n: :nash: :smiley: :ok_hand: :nash_token:

Your 3am code is going to be better than my 12 year project code )))))))
Thanks Mr Canesin.

Always working hard for your dream :slightly_smiling_face: thanks a lot, will try it out!

Can someone explain to non tech persona like me what is this about and what/how is used for? Sorry for ignorance and many thanks in advance. Will get smarter, that is a promise.

No excuses! Sleep is overrated! :joy:

In simple words, it’s a trading bot to automate trading on NASH. But you might need some Javascript/Typescript knowledge to make it work. And as Canesin said, this is not the actual trading bot project they are working on.

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Thank you Crome. And that “actual trading bot project they are working on”… will there be possible any time in a future for guys like me with no script knowledge to run a bot on Nash?

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You can find a discussion about bots here. Also check the YouTube link in the post of Oldsport.

I think (hope) they will eventually build something that can be used by everyone. And if not maybe someone from the community will build something on top of it to make it more accessible. Think of the casino app that Oldsport created. Underneath this is also a trading bot.

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What I meant is that as time passes in the night ones code get better so he starts to not implement tests and everything just works /s

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I understand :wink:

Maybe you all should program at night. I mean, who needs tests anyway :joy:


Some’ like that?



“Complete step-by-step guide on running a Nash trading bot via VPS” by Nick


Awesome! Thanks Nick, will be looking into it as soon as i get home! This was exactly what i was waiting on. :smiley:


Hi Nick. Awesome guide and well written. I’d love to run a Bot and leave it to trade automatically. I was thinking of trying it out on a Raspberry Pi3 I have hooked up in the garage, with a form of 64bit Linux I have running on it. Do you think I’ll be able to give it a try using this guide and factoring out the VPS section (just installing it directly onto the Pi)? Thanks.


Hi all.

I was wondering if anybody can help me please? I have installed the bot and dependencies on my Pi3 under 64 bit Ubuntu and keep getting this error message when I try to run the bot. I have put the API Key file in the correct place and followed Nick’s guide, which is why I’m so puzzled that it’s throwing up this error for me.

Many thanks.

Is your 2FA still enabled? (that was one of the problems i’ve encountered with the previous mm-bot)

This issue occurred in the previous mm bot because the legacy login was used. Now only MPC API keys are used, so this is no longer a concern.

@TheDude A decent screenshot would help!
Have you checked if the file index_linux.node exists? If it does, your error could be coming from a permission problem. Could you run:

ls -l /home/ubuntu/node_modules/@neon-exchange/nash-protocol/build/main/native

and report back?

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Hi Nick. That is a good point. It actually still is enabled, so I will disable it first and report back. Thank you for getting back to me.

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