Sample MM TypeScript bot

Hi Oldsport. Apologies about the screen shot, I had to pop out of the house and took it in haste. I hoped that it could be zoomed into and that someone would be able to see at least some snippet of the error code and know what it is referencing. I’ll see if I can take a better screenshot soon after dinner.

I’m sure that I did check as to whether that file exists and I remember seeing it. I’ll check again when I get a chance later on and will run the line you provided above and report

Thank you for your help.

Hi again. I initially installed everything to the pingpong folder within my home directory, so just slightly altered your terminal code to reflect. Attached is the screen that appeared in the terminal after entering that code. Hopefully you’ll come to notice it to be considerably better in quality compared to the last rushed screenshot! Haha! Many thanks.

Isn’t this because you running on rpi3, arm64? Not sure if arm64 is supported.

I assumed that the bot wouldn’t work on a 32-bit variant of Ubuntu, so made sure to flash a 64-bit variant of Ubuntu onto the Pi knowing that the 3rd version does support it. It didn’t occur to me that arm64 is not supported. That would be disappointing if that is the case, as my Pi would be ideal for being left to run a bot, as it’s so small and doesn’t use much energy at all.

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Yeah totally agree, arm support would be very nice.
Maybe @canesin can confirm if arm is supported?

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I think there isn’t an arm build on the package - we can add one however, for CI we are using Github Actions, I think it has ARM support now. Either way I have a Pi as well and could build a image tomorrow.

Will create a ticket to our engs.


and I trying to build a tent for the camp with a map in hand xD :upside_down_face:

Thank you for replying so quickly. That would be amazing; I’d love to try it out when ready! The Pi I have was formerly hooked up to my 3D printer in the garage and has been gathering dust as of late, so to be able to use it to run a trading bot on Nash and do my bit for liquidity would be great. I could leave it to do its thing and occasionally check up on it.


Hi Fabio. Sorry to bother you, as I know you and the team are incredibly busy working hard, but I was wondering if you have an update on the bot supporting Arm64? If not, no worries as I’ll await an update. I thought it was worth asking nevertheless. Thanks.

I started to use the Market Maker Bot more frequent in the last days. On my server I’m running the bot for multiple markets and it works fine, more or less.

After running the bots for some hours I always run into an error where nash blocks the bot with the message: “too many requests”

Initially I my guess was that the error is caused by having three bots running on different markets and they are requesting too often to buy/sell/cancel orders. So I raised the time how fast the next iteration through the loop will happen. It didn’t solve the problem.

Anyone has an idea how I can avoid this issue? This will allow me to not frequently check the bots if they are running.

I will provide the error log next time the error occurs.


Hi Symiaq, there is a telegram group for people who are trading on nash with bots. I’m sure there are people over there who can help you on the way. You can ask for an invite in the official TG.

Greetings, Nick

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Here is the log:

{ Error: GraphQL error: Too many attempts retry later
        at Object.query (/path/to/file/@neon-exchange/api-client-typescript/src/client/client.ts:458:17)
        at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
       [ { code: 505,
           details: [Object],
           locations: [Array],
           message: 'Too many attempts retry later',
           path: [Array],
           slug: 'too_many_attempts' } ],
      networkError: null,
      message: 'GraphQL error: Too many attempts retry later',
      extraInfo: undefined }


@Nickstar007 thanks for suggesting me to join the trading group. I have to say that I’m not really a fan of trading groups because I have the feeling most of these groups have a quick buck in their mind and shill projects to each other which are more a kind of pump n dump.

Maybe I have a bad bias, but hey change my mind :smiley:

Can you tell me (and the community) what kind of people are inside of this group, what their goals are and how they support each other? I’m kinda interested (already read in telegram about it), but I want more information before I decide if I want to be part of it or not.

Hey Symiaq,

I had the same error this week because I had 8 bots running together (buying and selling). I think it’s because of all the connections that you open on every bot. I combined the 8 bots in just 1 bot with just one connection and everything is working fine.

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@Zino thanks for the input. I will take a look into it and maybe it solves my problem :smiley:

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