Trading bot DIY

Hi guys,

I thought I’d run a little poll to pass the time :slight_smile:

We all want more volume on Nash. Exchanges usually have most of their volume coming from bots and we’d love to help, but setting up a trading bot is no easy task.

Fortunately, Nash team has expressed their interest in furthering the maker bot experiment and perhaps even building an actual product out of it.

To help them understand the community’s interest and willingness to use such a product, I thought I’d ask 2 questions:

What is your technical level?

  • Please, only buttons to click, otherwise I’m lost
  • I’m confortable installing packages in a terminal, but not actually developing
  • Bring it on, I already have my own trading bot
  • I don’t want to run a trading bot, no matter how easy it is to set up

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If you were able to run a bot, what volume would you reasonably allow it to trade?

  • 0.1 ETH
  • 1 ETH
  • 10 ETH
  • 100+ ETH

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Thanks for your time!


Like it! I’ve no problem committing capital to help volume and liquidity but I don’t have the knowledge to set up my own bot. If there was a ‘Nash Academy’ to help me learn, then I would.


based on historical performance :slight_smile:

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It would still attract way more volume if it’s just a simple click & ready interface, but I think the team is well aware of that :slight_smile:

My suspicion is that the serious volume comes from teams with programmers skilled enough to do their own integration with the API more than individual retail users with fewer programming abilities/resources. Having both is obviously the best option.

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yeah passive investing is a huge meme for retail these days… Yuge

passive trading also a growing niche

I could have been running my arbitrage bot right from the start. however, I am still waiting for them to add deposit and withdraw functionality to the python wrapper for half a year now. It seems to me like low hanging fruit since the typescript client does have those functions. They are simply not wrapped in the python SDK. Anyway, the team does not seem to agree.


Based on my limited understanding the typescript SDK is core to the project and therefore required to be well maintained & up to date. Python is definitely preferable for developing or migrating existing bots used elsewhere however the team doesn’t at this point have the resources available to dedicate a developer for keeping the python SDK up to date. Hopefully in the future they’ll hire someone specifically for this but for now the existing resources are better used elsewhere.

The team answered this very question on the last quarter Q&A. Maybe @localhuman could confirm whether it’s still in the short term roadmap?

It’s not about keeping it up to date. First they released the typescript SDK which is complete in functionality. Then when the python SDK was released in oktober, they wrapped all the typescript functionality except the deposit and withdraw part. For some reason they chose to leave this out.

Possible it’s vulnerability related but difficult to say as I haven’t looked into it myself.

Anyone here used the PsychoBot?

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