Recurring buys

Just a reminder!
We really need recurring buys on the platform! My girlfriend, mom, sisters, brothers in law, dog & friends are counting on it. We really need this one! :smiley:

I hope it will already be implemented at launch.

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Recurring buys will not be available at launch - recurring buys means having access to move funds at your bank account on your behalf.


Ok, thanks for the clarification. That seems logical.
Can you give me insight into how that can be implemented later?

how about setting a recurring money transfer to nash from bank?

that’s the same thing as a recurring buy.

i thought bank to nash is one thing, and then setting up a rule in nash to buy preferred currency at a defined interval as long as the cash is available.

Yeah I suppose you could do that but that would just be a market trade placed through the matching engine instead of a recurring buy through a bank transfer.

From Jan 27:

My AI has detected that Coinbase is eavesdropping :ear:

– SO to the bois @Coinbase <3. I’ll release my own version soon