We're designing our payments app - be part of it!

Hey @Erika,

Just a thought about a feature would be nice for the payments app.

The ability to not only send (push) payments to friends/contacts/anyone but also the ability to request (pull) payments would be awesome.

Also, being able to nominate to split the total cost of a bill/payment with friends.

Thank you.


You mean, something like ‘Tikkie’ ?
It’s a dutch App, you can ask for a payment.

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Also a frequent user of Tikkie, named it in the survey…

Are u guys going to ask for public feedbacks?

From my experience, this really depends on their target focus of the feedback.

The feedback from the exchange beta gives a pretty in-depth idea of how people use the trading aspect which is where complexities lie. These are best suited for lots of people to test.

When it comes to mobile development you are often stripping everything down to the simplest forms in the most intuitive way possible. Surveys give you the best idea on “how” people intend to use the UI but a closed internal beta with a small pool is often the most effective because studies have shown with just a handful of users you can find out over 75% of the general feedback right away that you would get from testing with thousands of users. Since the feedback they would most likely be looking for is things outside of trading itself (i.e. Nash Pay, etc.) this is most likely served best working with a small number of testers with very precise feedback.

You don’t really need 1000+ testers to arrive at something like apple pay just really good UI/UX designers who understand their audience and a few testers.


yes it´s working :slight_smile:

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the genius would be that you everywhere where you could pay with nfc you just pulls the phone and paid with nash pay. like apple pay or Google pay :slight_smile:

Here are 2 of my early conceptual designs for mobile. Still far from perfect but it’s something I threw together for my application to work with Nash. I think I speak for most of the community and say, we are excited for Nash :grinning: I cannot wait to see what the UI/UX designers come up with.


Wow, nice effort. Really like your design, looks simple and intuitive. :+1:


Sounds like you need to get a new AI then because they haven’t filled the position :sweat_smile:


You really want this job huh? lol


Lol I would love to work for Nash but I just really enjoy all types of design so its more about developing something and sharing stuff with people.

Regardless we need people passionate about the project. Having a little bit of fun with community designs doesn’t hurt, I already had them drawn up so I figured why not share?


I think that the app will be an important part, because a lot of people are doing everything on the mobile phone today. So I hope the app has a simple & innovative design so it’s easy to use for the average Joe. so that he can simply pay and trade cryptos. :nash_token:

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In India , we have PAYTM it is one of the most used payment app . It provides many different functions , u can book tickets or do shopping, pay instantly with QR code , mobile number

and many more things and here is the screenshot for the reference. If it helps


Payment needs to be as minimal & easy as possible. Just look at whatsapp…keep it stupid simple otherwise people will just opt out. I was the biggest fan of Blockport for buying BTC…it was all done thru mobile. Almost Zero pain points…I wish Nash can offer something similar for both - Payments & Exchange!


Works somewhat similar to “paylah” in Singapore(Asia). Can nash pay integrate into these apps?

Thanks for all your feedback!
This has been very helpful in guiding some design decisions. We’ve got what we need, so I’m going to close the thread now.
Best, Erika