Clarification about quarterly reports / AMAs

As there are different statments from @canesin about the future reports, I would like to ask about some clarification

From the Q1 livestream:

We only have another quarterly report on this format and then we will move to semester […] but we’ll still have a Q2 2020 and then our anniversary report is here. […]

From Canesins personal twitter account:

We did a report end of Q1, being that we changed to semesters instead of quarters the next one is on Q3 - matching/close to Nash birthday.

If the latter is now the case, do we get an AMA (maybe in a text format / blog post) in between? There recently were some unanswered questions in this forum and given that according to canesin ‘this week[s] […] update will be one of the most dramatic’, i personaly would appreciate a way to get an answers to recent and upcoming questions.


Nash is now switching to bi-annual reports. Our H1 report will take place around our company anniversary in October and our H2 report will be held in April/May.

We will not be holding a Q2 report this year. It makes more sense to provide a retrospective on our upcoming releases and the progress of GA during the H1 report in October.

No AMA threads are planned before then, but you can continue to post questions and communicate with the team here on the Community.


Thanks for the quick reply Carla!

Then I will continue to wait for answers to previous questions before asking new ones in order to not push them further down the line.


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And one more: Is the next annual report (Handelsregister, Liechtenstein) expected to be pubished in the near future? +Which is the correct way of contact in order to receive the report via email?

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Howdy @canesin ,
I still would very much appreciate answers to the 5 questions. 3 of them are very little time consuming to answer :wink:
And in case you just don’t want to answer them, I would also be happy if you just say so, 'cause that would feel better than just being ignored and wasting more time on post like this one.

Hi @carla!

Does Nash have a date in mind yet for when the H1 report will be in October?