Nash platform general availability (GA) and next steps on community

Hi all,

[edit 02/MAY/2020] updated to mark first two items as done.
[edit 21/MAY/2020] marked community integration as done.
[edit 14/JUL/2020] new transaction engine system online.
[edit 14/JUL/2020] Tier 2 backoffice process in place.
[edit 10/OCT/2020] Nash leadership team considers Nash ready to focus on growth and growth focused development and capital expenditure, GA is here.

There is a few misconceptions going around so I just wanted to do a quick update on those topics.

What is general availability (GA) and how you will know GA is live ?
GA is a marketing/business status for a product - not necessarily a technical step. Defining GA is a very hard task, for this reason businesses try to iterate and refine their products using several data streams and slowly invest in different marketing channels to discover which one works the best. As our community knows we have been doing this since September. When doing so, we learned that our customers satisfaction required additional developments, so we defined those as:

  • Bitcoin trading - to provide users the markets they want
  • API keys - to compete with the liquidity of CEXs
  • Transfer improvements - a main pain-point of users
  • Nash fiat ramp - since 3rd party providers couldn’t service to the requirements of users and the funding requirements of traders needing to move cash positions across exchanges in short time spans
  • Easy KYC Tier 2 - so that high volume traders can easily enter Nash

All of those are on-time on their development and we are happy to communicate Bitcoin trading should be live for public testing together with MPC on the sandbox in the next 24h is live in the product.

Having all those developments live will not necessarily mean we are in GA, we are very confident that it will, but users might still be frustrated with some final details that we need to nail. You will see we are in GA when you notice a significant increase on marketing campaigns and deployment of liquidity capital, it will not be a single day thing - but a ramp up.

What are the next steps for the community?
We will continue to invest and expand our presence on the community and the community integration with Nash. The Ambassadors program is an example: it will increase in size and get more structured on the next couple months. Another big change is that we will have discontinued the extension and integrated this forum with the Nash platform login - allowing people with at least 1 NEX staked to post on the forum.

You can be sure, the moment you login in this forum with your Nash ID, Nash and its Ambassadors network should provide you with enough information and material to bring your friends and family on board.



GA is a opinion, as i told other’s before. I am very pleased to hear that Nash’s opinion of GA is in line with expectations of the community.
Can’t wait to get more digital tokens and currency’s on Nash, and to get the pesky bugs fixed.

Thanks a lot for making a thread about this to clear confusion and to show everyone what’s going on and happening.


Very exciting!

The community has been heard :handshake:


great update! looking forward to the additional developments :smiley:

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Are we also getting the new UI ? :smiley:

P.S. on the trading tab x)


and the new website for that matter, curious about all the new things and improvements!


Yeah lol, there is many more things. We have two long lists of developments and growth tests to implement. The things I mentioned are just this definition of GA, the product will continue to be improved after that, there is a good couple years of already mapped things to do in front of us.


Fabio,as Bitcoin trading appears to be on testnet, when can we expect to trade with live funds? Are you doing rounds of testing again (e.g. Bluefield/Endgame for the exchange last year)?

The only public testing now will be the sandbox, all other testing is only internal. It should be very fast unless critical issues are found.


interested to see what % of the 200K sign-ups come to check it out

Can’t wait to try real Bitcoin trading in a decentralized exchange for the first time in history. Congrats to the team!


only one suggestion @canesin , Nash needs to be more aggressive and deliver faster as the time is ripe for realizing the real purpose of Bitcoin. Considering the infinite QE, Fed is about to undertake, people are going to rush for gold, bitcoin etc, we as Nash need to be ready to offer people bitcoin trading with self custody and in a smooth fashion.

your progress is great, your efforts are great, your vision is great, only thing we all need is speed.

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Thanks for the clarifications. We are all excited for what’s to come!

Bitcoin trading is already available in the sandbox.

Actual BTC pairs will be available for everyone before this month ends.


I haven’t been so excited in a long time! Thanks for the update.

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@canesin I can see that the extension has been removed from the nash ‘products’ page. Are you scrapping the extension entirely or does this only apply to its use for the community site?

@elliptic.curve we are putting the extension on permanent maintenance for the next year. We will focus on the web app and mobile, within the next months you should be able to login on other ETH and NEO Dapps using the Nash mobile app. For the community we will have a SSO solution similar to OAuth - that we might open for other applications in mid/long term.


Similar to OAuth or OAuth? Please consider sticking to the protocol. its well adopted and has lots of clients already (OAuth 2.0 OpenId connect). with delegated authorization and MPC you can do some great features.


Would this be similar to the experience one gets with a dapp browser like the one in coinbase wallet?

Agree, I’ve done OAuth integration with mobile for a few providers it’s basically the standard now. If Nash supports OAuth the community can use their account to login to other services without the need for using Facebook, Google etc… is a decent library.